March 30, 2018

Meet the Women behind Mosquito Authority

By our Smarty friends at Mosquito Authority

Behind our successful business is… These Amazing Women!

As our team heads into our 9th season serving families in Charlotte, we can’t help but look back at some of the key team members that really helped elevate our team to a customer service focused business first and a pest control service business second. In the early days, we lacked some attention to detail, organization and systems for running a smooth operation. Quite honestly, we didn’t know who we really were or what our focus was. However, we soon found out.

If you have ever called our office, you likely have had the opportunity to speak with Director of First Impressions, Monica Bates. The sweet Miss Monica joined our team in the summer of 2014 to help us out in the office answering phones and collecting payments. What started as a part-time temporary solution has turned into a full-time year-long position and we couldn’t imagine it any other way. Monica has 3 children of her own and really enjoys her family time. She works side-by-side with her husband, George, managing their side business at the Open Air Market off of Central on Saturdays & Sundays. Monica is a big Panthers fan and we believe that she may actually be Wonder Woman.

Overseeing our specialists is Jennifer Horne. Jen served in the field as a mosquito specialist herself for the past 3 seasons and earned a leadership role through her attention to detail and customer service skills. She now oversees all of our current specialists and helps train our new recruits. Jen’s approach to leadership is firm, but fair. She goes above and beyond for her team and is a very thorough trainer. Jen has a son of her own, who she loves dearly and enjoys spending time with. Jen’s only flaw… she is a Dallas Cowboys fan.

The original woman behind the scene is my partner Ryan’s wife, Beth Hahn. Beth handled a lot of the marketing and focus on the customer service side of our little business. Beth was the originator behind the idea of doing the small stuff and looking for the opportunities to wow our customers. Beth is very, very organized and now gets to do what she loves, as she owns/operates Bright House Design. Beth has 4 children of her own and enjoys staying active. With 4 kids, I’m not sure she has a choice.

I believe that if you would have told my wife, Heather, 10 years ago that she’d be involved in day-to-day operations with anything insect related, she would’ve laughed and told you that you were crazy. She is the girl that covered a spider or any other bug with a cup and left it there until I got home to deal with. I can’t say that she loves bugs now, but her point of view has drastically changed. When we started this business, Heather was still teaching and given the timing of our business versus the school year, we hardly ever saw each other. After a few years of trying and encouraging, I finally convinced her to leave teaching and come help us out. Little did I know that she’d eventually take over. Since she has stepped into her role, morale has been at an all-time high. Our specialists enjoy fun activities like Easter egg hunts, Taco Tuesdays and the occasional Happy Hour. None of these things took place before Heather stepped in. Heather is expecting our 1st child in June and we are also in the process of adopting 2 boys (hopefully) later this year. Heather loves coffee, enjoys traveling and is obsessed with Disney.

As much as I enjoy talking about our journey over these past 9 years, I’d be foolish to not give the spotlight to these incredible women… the true game-changers behind Mosquito Authority of Charlotte. I don’t even want to begin to imagine where we would be without them.

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