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May 27, 2016

Smarty Movie Review: What Have I Missed at the Movies While Raising My Kids Part III

To continue our series of the best movies of recent years, today we will tackle the Action/Suspense genre. I love this category because I can be pretty certain that my husband will join me on the couch to watch any of these great films. Many of these action films are part of a series because when you have lots of explosions and car chases, it may take several films to tell a whole story!

The Bourne Supremecy

The Bourne Supremacy (2004) The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) Rated PG-13

The Bourne trilogy starring Matt Damon is one of my favorite action series starting with The Bourne Identity (2002). The series continued with Jeremy Renner taking the lead with The Bourne Legacy (2012) and we will circle back to Matt Damon’s version with July’s release of Jason Bourne. That’s a lot of Bourne! My favorite is the first film which introduces us to Jason Bourne, a man fished out of the ocean with bullet wounds and no memory of what happened to him. Bourne quickly realizes that he’s a wanted man and he fights to stay alive while he searches for clues to unlock the mystery of who he is. The story continues in the second film with Bourne living quietly having put his assassin past behind him. Unfortunately, his past catches up with him and Jason must put his old skills to use again to survive and find out why the CIA won’t leave him alone. The films are known for their intense and realistic action sequences (one entire fight scene takes place in a tiny bathroom!) and the acting is top-notch. I highly recommend the Matt Damon trilogy (though Jeremy Renner’s film wasn’t that bad) and can’t wait for the new installment to come out in July! Read More →

From the Smarty Health Corner and Charlotte Radiology: Living Proof

By our Smarty friends at Charlotte Radiology

Meet Amy.

In just one month, she took her daughter to her first day of kindergarten, had her chest port implanted, and began chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer—a diagnosis she received just after her 40th birthday, when she had her baseline mammogram.

Routine annual mammograms for women 40+. It’s always been the expert recommendation, and it’s the one Charlotte Radiology continues to support—along with the American College of Radiology (ACR), Society for Breast Imaging (SBI) and American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

Mammography is the only screening method that has consistently proven to reduce cancer deaths. Encourage all the women in your life to start an annual mammogram routine at age 40. Schedule a mammogram today at or by calling 704.367.2232. Screening really does save.

View Amy’s story and others like hers.

May 25, 2016

Smarty Camp Pick: CPCC’s Brick Mania STEM Camp

CPCC Brick Mania

Our friends at CPCC’s Summer STEM Experience are at it again, this time with the coolest LEGO© camp ever, Brick Mania! This is not the LEGO© that you grew up with, read on!

Campers learn STEM skills by using the most advanced LEGO© platform available to build and program robots. Rising 4th & 5th grade campers gain experience in modern mechanical and software design techniques through problem solving tasks in teams. Campers build technical skills and develop additional skills of group work, perseverance, and critical thinking. This hands-on camp is structured to work in an on open-ended and investigative environment.

Brick Mania Camp Details:


Date: June 27 – 30

8:30am – 11:30am (Rising 4th – 5th graders)
1:30pm – 4:30pm (Rising 4th – 5th graders)

Location: CPCC Central Camps – 1201 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, NC

Tuition: $225
*Fee includes camp T-shirt! Read More →

Smarty Alert: Jami Masters School of Dance Junior Company & Company Auditions next week!

JMSD Jr Company

Smarty Alert: The Jami Masters School of Dance (JMSD) Junior Company and Company Auditions & Workshops for Fall 2016 will be held next week! Auditions are open to all dancers who are rising 6th-12th graders.

On JMSD Jr Co/Company:

Each Company, separated by age, has a set schedule and a specific requirement of classes to take in the summer and throughout the dance year. The required summer commitment is to dance at least 20 hours over the summer months, whether it’s with JMSD or other summer programs. However, a minimum of 10 hours is required at JMSD. The dance year requirement is to take at least two ballet classes, modern, jazz and three electives from these choices: pointe (if approved), lyrical, musical theatre, contemporary, tap and hip hop. Because there are so many classes to take, the companies are given a “company discount” of $350/month for unlimited classes. Company dancers are allowed to take any class in the studio at their level or below. Dancers will be placed in technique class levels based on the audition scores and previous teacher recommendations.

The JMSD goal for Company dancers is to be well-rounded in all forms of dance when they graduate from JMSD. Read More →

Smarty Scoop on Weekend Events: May 27-30

Discovery Place

Smarty Scoop is proudly sponsored by Discovery Place, Discovery Place KIDS – Huntersville and The Charlotte Nature Museum.

Circle K and Kangaroo Speed Street   
Uptown Charlotte
May 27-28, See website for schedule, All ages, Free
Summary: In 2016, the nonprofit association is introducing ticketed concerts to the 22nd annual Circle K and Kangaroo Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola to deliver a top country music act Friday and Saturday night. Concert tickets are only $15.

Charlotte Motor Speedway
5555 Concord Pkwy. South, Concord, NC
May 26-29, See website for schedule and ticket prices
Summary: Four races in four days!!!

Charlotte Knights vs. Syracuse Chiefs
BB&T Ballpark
324 South Mint Street Charlotte, NC
May 30, 7:05pm, All ages, See website for ticket prices

Read More →

May 24, 2016

Picture This

I’ve realized something as I’ve pummeled headfirst through Maycember: the Kardashians have it so good. Actually, scratch that. The Kardashian mothers have it so good. While I sit at every Maycember event – every sporting event, every concert, every school picnic, every end-of-year party, every graduation, and every last “everything” that we squeeze into the 31 days that mark the end of the school year and the beginning of summer – I think about how I should be documenting it all. I should have an amazing Canon-Nikon-super-zoom camera (and remember to bring it). I should have an HD video camera recording every second. I should be in the front row clicking, zooming, and recording so that we don’t forget one single second of what this was like. Of what they were like.IMG_1928

Instead, I find myself either a) forgetting to take pictures; b) frantically taking blurry photos from the back row with my iPhone; or c) being resentful because I am somehow the one who landed the photographer job when all I really want to do is enjoy the moment; or d) & e) taking one great shot that may or may not end up properly loaded on my computer and (most likely not) into a photo album. Read More →

May 23, 2016

Smarty Alert: Hunstad Kortesis After Hours Event THIS Thursday

Hunstad Korstesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa (HK) will host their After Hours Mommy Makeover event this Thursday, May 26.HK_combo logo_cmyk_print

This RSVP-only Mommy Makeover event includes wine, appetizers, mingling with actual patients and an opportunity to meet their board certified plastic surgeons, renown for their leadership within the cosmetic plastic surgery field. Feel free to event other moms who could use some pampering!

HK surgeons will be there to discuss breast augmentations and tummy tucks. Consult with renown leaders within the global breast augmentation specialty to discover choices that are meant for you and learn more about their industry-leading experience in removing excess or loose skin for a more confident you.

There’s no fee to attend but space is limited. You must RSVP online attend. Complimentary valet parking at Del Friscos is available.

Event Details
HK After Hours: Mommy Makeover
Thursday, May 26 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST
Del Frisco’s in Piedmont Town Center (SouthPark)
4725 Piedmont Row Drive
Suite 170
Charlotte, NC 28210
RSVP here

Call 704-659-9000 or email for questions.

A little junk in the trunk

By BJ Bacha, Junk Champions

No, I’m not talking about that junk… or that trunk, I’m talking about the trunk in your attic full of sweaters & t-shirts from 1983, or maybe the trunk in your closet that has those platform shoes that you were waiting to come back in style, but you forgot where they were, and now they are no longer in style again. Anyway, the reason that I ask, is that we are here to help you win back your space. We are the Junk Champions. We specialize in assisting families get rid of unwanted household items & finding a home for them. We help you defeat your clutter. Our motto is : Removal + Recycle + Restore = VictoryJunk Champions

Who are we?

We are the same family that brought 2 family oriented franchises to Charlotte, My Gym Children’s Fitness Center and Mosquito Authority, has decided to start their own small business model. We love our franchises but have always wanted to do something on our own. Read More →

May 22, 2016

Who’s in Your Care Crew?

By Smarty Guest Blogger Dr. Zachary White. Find more from Dr. White on his blog, The Unprepared Caregiver

We don’t think twice about insurance anymore—car insurance and health insurance are musts in our lives. But we also need a type of insurance most of us don’t think much about until we need it—the safety, solace, and strength we can draw upon from our social networks when we are in the midst of our greatest need. Social insurance doesn’t protect us from life, but it can provide us the assurance of being heard and understood and appreciated when we most need an audience.Women on Beach photo for Care Crew

Our smart phones organize people we know via our contacts’ list, but this is efficiency at its worst and least effective. For most of us, our contacts are organized according to alphabetical order, not need. People are organized in ways that help us easily access their names, not in ways that remind us who we can go to, lean on, and trust when we feel like we are falling apart. Instead of deferring to the alphabet, it’s more helpful to begin rethinking (and reordering) the people in our contact lists by the type of audience role they might fulfill when we are most in need:


These people are ideal to share your deepest frustrations with. Frustrations need to be vented and this audience allows you to reveal your anger or disappointment or sadness in its purest form—without remorse. This audience won’t hold you hostage to appropriateness nor do they believe that what you say is what you think. Rather, ventees can provide you freedom to indulge in the moment without apology or shame because this audience knows that feelings are an expression of the moment, not a permanent state of mind. Read More →

May 21, 2016

Smarty Mom: Lindsay Franks


I am so honored to introduce you to this week’s Smarty Mom, Lindsay Franks. She is the mother to sweet Pierce, a now five-year-old boy whose story of survival after being born at 23 weeks is absolutely incredible, and founder of Pierce’s Project, a non-profit that helps support families of premature or chronically ill infants before, during and after their NICU stay. Lindsay was recently featured last week on CSP in our post with Levine Children’s Hospital, Donated Breast Milk Helps Preemies Thrive, and I was so thrilled when Lindsay agreed to be Smarty Mom this week so we could get to know her and her family a little better.

I’ll let you read our interview for more on this beautiful family. And, get ready: you’re about to meet one of Charlotte’s most amazing Smarty Mamas! I introduce you to Lindsay Franks!

Smarty Mom: Lindsay Franks

Smarty Mom Stats:
Married to (and for how long): Nik, 8 years in May
Child: (Name and age): Pierce, 5 years old
Years in Charlotte: 8 years
Hometown: Greenville, SC
‘Hood: Fort Mill, SC
Alma Mater: Montreat College

Pierce’s life and his journey are an absolute miracle. Tell us about his birth and the months following.

Pierce was born at just 23 weeks gestation, right at the edge of what doctors deem the “age of viability.” He weighed 1lb 8oz and was 12 inches long. We were told that there was a slim chance he’d survive. As you can imagine, his first few days and weeks were extremely critical. There were many times we thought we were losing him. He was just so tiny and so fragile. I remember his nurse taking a picture of him next to a standard sized ink pen and noticing that the pen was the same length as his body. I think that’s when I started to understand how tiny he truly was. But thankfully, Pierce survived his 118-day NICU stay at Levine Children’s and was able to come home in August 2011. Those early months were definitely filled with lots of ups and downs and there was a lot of uncertainty about what the future would hold. photo copy 48 Read More →

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