March 30, 2018

Fitness Friday: How Carolina Barre & Core gave me an exercise plan

People always say that if you find the right kind of exercise for you, you’ll love it. Unfortunately, I’ve never found any exercise that makes sweating seem fun. Sadly, I’m getting to the stage where I either have to embrace the muumuu or make a change. I’ve tried before to find some kind of physical exertion that I could tolerate. Since I love bike riding at the beach, I gave a spin class a try. The dark room and loud music was a far cry from meandering along the beach and was absolute torture. I tried the “Couch Potato to 5K” running program since I have the annoying habit of being friends with avid runners. This stopped at about 1K with a bad case of shin splints and the inability to even get up off my couch. I do play tennis, but I mostly play doubles so I only have to run on half of the court!

So when Smarty Jen asked me to review Carolina Barre and Core, I tried my best to get out of the assignment. I suggested she find a more fit member of the CSP team to attend the class. I really didn’t want to make a fool of myself, especially in a room filled with mirrors! Here’s the problem though—I’m tired of being unfit! The older you get the harder it is to keep it all together so I knew I had to start putting in some effort.

So off I went to the Carolina Barre and Core studio in Myers Park absolutely terrified. The hour long class included stretching, barre work and lots of core exercises. It was hard—really hard! But my instructor Stacy had such a great comment about my lack of ability in the class. She said that everybody starts as a beginner at some point and that you should see the discrepancy of where you are and now and where you want to be as a source of inspiration not frustration. That really hit home with me and is something I will have to continue to remind myself of each and every class.

Since I’m great at making excuses for not exercising, let’s discuss a few here:

1) I need to lose some weight first before I can feel comfortable taking classes.

You’re never going to get to your ideal weight unless you start moving. To combat this fear I put on some high waisted leggings and a very long tank top. Note: Don’t wear a really oversized shirt or it may ride up on you when you are doing certain poses and you’ll spend the whole class pulling down your shirt.

2) Everyone’s going to be looking at me they’ll know that I can’t do push ups!

The people I’ve met at Carolina Barre and Core are there to challenge themselves, not you. Everybody works at their own level of fitness and nobody cares whether or not you can hold a plank or finish a series of moves. I’ve actually looked around a few times hoping for sympathy after a particularly grueling move but everyone is really focused on their own performance.

3) I’m so out of shape that I’ll never be able to do what the instructor is doing!

You aren’t supposed to begin as an expert! All of the instructors are really great about mentioning modifications for all of the moves so even if you can’t do certain things you are still making progress. I’ve chatted with a lot of the ladies after class and everyone is eager to tell me about how they’ve gained flexibility and strength is a short amount of time.

4) I don’t have time to exercise.

Moms these days are busier than ever but I love the idea that you can get a total body workout in a one hour class. Plus the parking is fantastic so you don’t waste time circling around forever looking for a spot!

5) I can’t afford expensive studio classes!

I’m a big fan of living within your means but luckily Carolina Barre and Core offers lots of great specials and packages to make classes affordable.

I honestly think the key to this whole exercise thing is leaving your ego at the door and entering the studio with a heart that is grateful for what you can do and excitement for what is to come. Here’s hoping that you will join me at a class soon!

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