February 20, 2018

Recreational Cheerleading At Carolina Flipz: The Perfect Progression for Any New Cheerleader

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By Carissa Sawyers, All-Star Program Director, Carolina Flipz Cheer

Growing up, my little brother played baseball. My earliest memories of baseball are simple: the backyard was our field, the trees marked the bases and the rock marked home plate. Our parents noticed my brother’s love for the game at the young age of four and enrolled him in neighborhood T-ball. After that he was enrolled in the community recreational baseball program and finally the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). While his journey stopped at age 16, there were plenty of additional programs and schools to guide him to the big leagues. Thinking back, I revel at how easy the transition was from barely understanding the game to full commitment. It is as if the baseball industry has the perfect path to guide its young prospects all the way to the major leagues, should their talents align with their dreams. Realizing this easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression of a baseball career, it dawned on me that cheerleading, as an industry, has been completely missing the mark!

In Charlotte and the surrounding areas, if your child wants to get involved in cheerleading you essentially have two options: 1. enroll your child into a recreational league where they will be coached by well-meaning parents with little to no knowledge of the sport or 2. enroll your child into competitive cheerleading, with practice multiple times a week, traveling to competitions and a price tag you aren’t sure they will appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, both of these options have tremendous benefits! But how do you know your child has progressed beyond the recreational league? And how do you know your child is ready for the full commitment of competitive cheerleading? There HAS to be a middle of the road, right? There must be a clear “next step” for you to test the waters of progression for your cheerleader.

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Carolina Flipz is happy to offer a fantastic solution: All-Star Rec! We’ve taken the best parts of recreational cheer and the best parts of competitive cheer and combined them into one amazing 8-week cheerleading experience your child is sure to love. All-Star Rec at Carolina Flipz is the perfect way to try competition cheerleading for the first time and discover if your cheerleader might be ready for the full benefits competitive cheerleading has to offer. During each practice our Recreational cheerleaders will receive quality instruction from our USASF-certified staff. They will have FUN learning a routine to perform for friends and family at the end of their 8-week session. The routine will showcase their newly-learned skills in jumps, stunts, tumbling and dance. Above all else, your child will develop more confidence, leadership and team work skills than they have ever known before.Carolina Flipz Rec Cheer 3

Carolina Flipz is proud to be a gym that focuses on skills needed for success throughout life. The 8-week recreational cheerleading program at Carolina Flipz will give you and your child clear insight on how to grow their love for cheerleading in a way the whole family can appreciate. We are driven by the ability to teach athletes about making new friends, overcoming obstacles and how to be a leader. Cheerleading is what we do, but building strong and confident kids is why we do it.
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For ages 8-14
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