January 1, 2018

Smarty Fitness Interview & Giveaway: Pure Barre Ballantyne and Pure Barre Southpark


We are SO excited about the start of 2018, Smarties! Over the next couple of weeks, we are bringing you interviews with some of our favorite fitness places in town AND with those interviews, we’re including some FIT-ULOUS giveaways just in time for those New Year’s resolutions.IMG_3400

If you are familiar with Pure Barre you have met our next Smarty Fitness guru, Caris Malone. She and Pure Barre go hand-in-hand. Her classes are always waitlisted, and her energy is contagious. She has this uncanny ability to motivate you to push yourself to be better than your best. She is amazing!

Smarties, I can’t think of a better person to give us an inside view on what Pure Barre is all about. Bonus, Caris also opens up about some of her own personal tips on workout gear, how she maintains a healthy lifestyle, pre-and post workout routines, etc.

Without further ado, I introduce to you, Smarty Pure Barre guru, Caris Malone.

Caris Malone, Pure Barre Ballantyne and Pure Barre Southpark

Tell us a little bit about Pure Barre.

Pure Barre is a 50 minute, full-body workout designed for everyone! We work our muscles to exhaustion, then stretch them out; thus, creating long lean muscles. Our movements are low-impact, making our classes ideal for anyone who is suffering an injury. Each class is designed to work for each-individual, meaning there are no ‘levels’, you work at your own pace. Pure Barre is the perfect place to start if you haven’t worked out in a while or if you are an exercise junkie; you decide the level you are going to work out each class. Our classes are filled with different ages, shapes and experience levels, creating a non-intimidating vibe. It truly is the best.

It can be intimidating trying a new workout. Any advice for a first timer? What gear is needed? Vocabulary used? Special movements to be aware of?

We hear this a lot from new clients. My advice: close your eyes, go inside. No one is watching you. I promise, they are all too concerned with what they are doing themselves (or trying not to die), there is no time or room for judgment. All you need is a pair of socks and your strong, determined self. We recommend watching the “what to expect” Pure Barre video before taking your first class. It will give you some insight on the vocab we use during class.

You have a truly inspiring and positive vibe in the studios. Tell us how you all make it happen (Because let’s face it, your classes are always WAITLISTED!)

I say it all the time and I will say it again, the women that walk through our doors everyday who trust us and believe in us are what make the studios so positive. I am forever grateful for their reassuring smiles, dedication and incredible strength. I am a true believer in what you put out is what you get back, and vice versa. There’s no reason to be anything but positive and thankful.

What’s the difference between Pure Barre Classic and Pure Barre Empower?

Pure Barre Classic is a 50 min, low-impact workout that works your entire body and raises your heart beat gradually throughout the class. Empower is our version of a cardio class. You still incorporate the basics of a Classic class, however; you have bursts of cardio throughout the class. Both classes are SO much fun!! The music is high energy and the choreo is always changing and keeping you on your toes. We highly recommend incorporating both classes into your weekly schedule.

Do you have to be at a certain level to try an Empower class?

Nope, everyone is welcome! Just like with Classic, there are modifications, so, just let us know what you need.

Why do you think Pure Barre is such a great class when people are looking to cross-train (i.e. runners, cyclists, cross-fitters)?

Pure Barre strengthens and stretches muscles throughout the body, helping athletes improve their posture, prevent injury and even increase their speed. The low-impact movements are the perfect complement to any other workout.

The Pure Barre instructors are all amazing in their own unique way, but one thing remains the same: each one seems to be able to personalize a client’s workout even though it’s a group class. How do they do it?

Our job as a teacher isn’t just to spit out some sort of choreo, it’s to TEACH. One of the first reasons I fell in love with Pure Barre was that even though it is a group class, you get personal attention, regardless of how long you’ve been coming. We don’t just stand at the front of the studio and tell you what to do, we show you. Everyone is different, and everyone needs individual attention. It is our job as teacher to know what you need. Personalization is what makes our job so much fun!

What exciting things are in store for Pure Barre in 2018 and how are you helping clients crush their 2018 fitness goals?

There are SO many new things coming, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out 😉

Let’s chat a minute about you!

What’s your favorite workout gear?
I’m pretty much obsessed with Beyond Yoga. Their pants are like butter!

How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle?
For me it’s all about balance, and not depriving myself. I think its super important to put as many natural/wholesome foods and products in and on your body as possible.

Favorite go-to healthy snack? Protein Drink? Cleanse?
So, I’m obsessed with Isagenix. I’ve been using the products for about a year and I have seriously never felt better! The products help change your body to an alkaline state, which puts you at your healthiest and best self. I have at least one (cold denatured, grass-fed and gluten/soy free) shake a day. The protein bars are amazing! They actually-curb cravings and fill you up, without all the processed sugars. I’m also a huge fan of their cleanse drink. I take it every night to reduce bloating (and it’s not ‘that’ kind of cleanse, it’s a toxin cleanse). Other than Isa I love boiled eggs and almonds for snacks 😉

Favorite pre- or post-workout beauty product?
Before: Pink Hippo natural deodorant
After: BeautyCounter charcoal bar and witch hazel

Favorite way to unwind?
A Pure Barre class, Ha! but seriously it’s meditation for me. Or sitting by the fire with my honey and a big ole glass of red.

Do you have a special “low carb” or “healthy” cocktail you can share with us to toast away on New Year’s Eve?
I’m all about the bubbles; all day, every day!

Smarty Giveaway: One Month Free Unlimited Classes at Pure Barre Ballantyne and Pure Barre Southpark

Two lucky Smarties win this giveaway: one winner receives a month of unlimited classes at the Pure Barre Ballantyne and another smarty wins a month of unlimited classes at the Pure Barre Southpark location. . Each is valued at $159.
Entering is easy! Simply do the following:

1. Subscribe to the CSP newsletter.
2. Follow Pure Barre Ballantyne and Pure Barre Southpark on Instagram and Facebook.
3. Leave a comment below with your New Year’s Fitness Resolution AND which studio you’re hoping to join! That’s it!
Winner will be announced Thursday, January 11.

Pure Barre BallantynePureBarreLogo
8430 Rea Road #120
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 502-5888

Pure Barre South Park
6401 Morrison Blvd Suite 7A
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 364-2888

20 Responses

  1. Bryn Winburn says:

    My 2018 fitness goal is to stop making excuses! I need to make the effort to carve out time to work out – with the ultimate goal of fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

    I am closest to the Ballantyne location. 🙂

    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway.

  2. Jenn Meads says:

    Can’t believe I’m turning 40 this year. Would love to get back to pre-babies self and get to pb more often. Thank you smarty pants for all your uplifting and interesting posts! Xo

  3. Asha says:

    I am full tiume working mom with 2 kids and always seem to put working out on the bottom of my to do list.
    Love group classes and would love to give this a try to keep me motivated and have some fun working out.

  4. I love PB but I haven’t been in months. I’m a 37 year old mom of three kids ages 6 and under. My goal is to get back to my exercise routine I used to have. I would like to have a more toned physique especially for the upcoming summer months. I love the instructors at PB Ballantyne as that is the location I’ve been to and it’s closest to me. The instructors are so motivating and correct your form so you get the most from your workout. Thank you Smarty Pants for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

  5. Erin mcmorris says:

    My new year fitness resolution is to take the first step, to feel pretty in my own skin again and to practice self love. The first step of a new workout routine is always the hardest but my goal is to take the first step! South Park location would be a dream!

  6. Aimee Bucci says:

    My resolution is to add some strength training to my cardio routine. I’m close to the Ballantyne studio.

  7. Jen says:

    I have been afraid to try a barre class but would love to! Southpark would be closest to me.

  8. kelly says:

    I need to get into a new workout routine in 2018 and stick to it! Ballantyne would be best for me!

  9. Caroline says:

    I want to tone up after having my daughter 4 months ago! The PureBarre Ballantyne location would be more convenient for me!

  10. Maria B says:

    I need something to kickstart my year! This is it! Would love to try a Cheryl class too!!

  11. Kristin Hennessy says:

    I am hoping to snack less on processed foods and stop eating off my kids plates! Would love to try Pure Barre Southpark!

  12. Ashley Kreth says:

    My goal is to be healthier and stronger this year! Would love to go to Pure Barre Southpark!

  13. Emy says:

    I would like to mix up my routine more this year. I love yoga and want to add in other types of workouts also. I’m in between the 2 locations so either works!!

  14. Lindsay Dyer says:

    I would love to join pure barre Southpark! New Years resolution to drink more water 🙂 andI should say less wine but… nah

  15. Stacey Rommich says:

    Clean eating! Pure Barre Ballantyne

  16. ASHLEY DUNHAM says:

    My new year’s resolution is all about improving physical and emotional health – giving less time to work, more time to my family and my fitness. I am interested in the SouthPark studio.

  17. Beth says:

    To eat cleaner & exercise on a consistent basis. South Park

  18. Pure Barre Ballantyne because Cheryl teaches there 😘

  19. Jennife says:

    My New Years resolution is to get back to the things that are important for me -including fitness . I would LOVE a month at the Ballantyne location !

  20. Nicky Nestor says:

    Would love a month at ballantyne location! And to stay on top of meal prep is my goal!

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