January 2, 2018

Smarty Steal: Take 15% off your first order at The Good Kitchen

Happy New Year’s, Smarties! With resolutions in full swing, we’ve got a super fun Smarty Steal for you today from the awesome folks at The Good Kitchen (TGK) that will for SURE help you stay in check with any health/cooking goals you’ve set for 2018. Smarties can take 15% off their first order at TGK by using the code Smarty18 at checkout. That’s all you need! IMZ_8866-1-300x200

In case you haven’t heard of TGK, let me give you a quick run down (also, be sure to check out Smarty Jen V.’s and my review of it here and our Smarty Mom feature on TGK’s founders Amber Lewis and Melissa Hayes here):

TGK is a fresh, fully-prepared meal delivery service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ready in just 3 minutes. TGK offers meals comprised of gluten-free ingredients for busy lifestyles. Their meals are made from grass-fed and pastured proteins, organic and non-GMO produce, and contain no soy, antibiotics, additional sugars or hormones. Their chef-driven menu provides seasonal variety on a weekly basis. Orders are placed online and delivered right to your home. These meals are SO GOOD. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

One really cool part of TGK’s offering is their Lunchbox meals. Pop one of these into your kids’ lunch boxes and feel good about it. These ready-to-go meals are also the PERFECT solution for a busy weekday lunch – whether you’re an office chick or stay-at-home lady – everyone can benefit from a healthy mid-day meal in minutes. The Good Kitchen

We promise you’ll love TGK – try it for 15% off now! Happy 2018 and good luck with those New Year’s resolutions!

The Good Kitchen

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