September 3, 2017

Smarty Toddler Activity: Golden Cow Creamery

Living in South End with toddlers is usually wonderful because we have tons to see and do within walking distance. However, we’re usually at least a 20 minute drive from anything specifically-geared to toddlers.
One of our monthly traditions has become taking the girls for a treat at Golden Cow Creamery which happens to be right around the corner from us. I say monthly, but this has only started last month. We really try not to give our girls sugary snacks and just a few months ago a taste of ice cream would get mixed reviews and little excitement.

However, our almost-two, independence-seeking girls are now feeling empowered and overjoyed to enjoy their own ice cream cone once-in-a-while and we’re happy to oblige for a change of pace.

Golden Cow Creamery makes small-batch ice cream from scratch with local North Carolina ingredients. You don’t see any artificial ingredients and they offer vegan options, as well, if you or your kids are dairy-free. You’ll find your typical flavors each time you go, but there are always some “specials” that you can try if you’re feeling adventurous.

What I love about Golden Cow Creamery, aside from the natural ingredients, is the seating area outside with toddler-size rocking chairs. We sat inside yesterday to slow the pace of melting ice cream and that’s equally enjoyable with the girls. They like sitting on the bench and once they’re on their sugar-high they dance around the Creamery to the beats. And, another plus is the abundance of dogs that are usually parked outside with their pack leaders who are usually open to the girls getting in a few pets and giggles.

Overall this is a fun and delicious activity for all and gives us a nice 30 minute break in the day.

Location: 170 W Summit Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 1pm-9pm ; Thursday-Saturday 1pm-10pm
Prices: About $3 for a small kiddie cone up to about $6.25 for an adult ice-cream flight in a waffle cone
Tip: After, take the little ones on a walk (using their feet) around the neighborhood to burn some of that energy.

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