August 22, 2017

Smarty Back to School Giveaway # 1: Oliver’s Labels

Happy Back to School season, Smarties! Homework, early alarms, and making lunches aside, who else is ready for school?! I am sooooo excited to kick off a Smarty Back to School Giveaway series – for three days this week we’ll give away a fun item that will make the Back to School transition much easier. Day #1 is to get you a little more organized; Day #2 is for the Smarty students; and Day #3 is for the Smarty moms (because don’t we deserve a treat for making it through summer?!). :-) Keep checking in today through Wednesday for some cool Back to School swag!orig_1

First up is my family’s absolute school (and summer camp!) necessity – Oliver’s Labels. We started using these forever-hold gems several years ago and now literally couldn’t live without them. I label everything – from t-shirts to sweatshirts, water bottles to lunch boxes, flip flops, tennis shoes, and more. Oliver’s Labels are so durable that we STILL have labels on clothes that have been handed down from boy #1 to boy #3. No Sharpies for us (although my Sharpies are labeled with Oliver’s Labels!).

They’ve got great choices for patterns and colors for both genders plus tons of unisex design options. Each Perry kid has his or her own set of labels, plus we have a more generic “Perry” set to label things that might be shared (like Gatorade water bottles). I highly recommend doing both if you’ve got more than one kid. It’s not too late to order for school – they are super fast with shipping and have amazing customer service.

Oliver’s Labels also has a super cool Found-it™ label option. It’s their FREE online lost and found system. When you choose to add Found-it™ to your labels, the label will be printed with your very own unique I.D.. If your item is reported found, Oliver’s Labels sends you a notification email right away. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the person who has found your item. This is perfect for not just that favorite stuffed animal, but also phones, keys, and more. They also might make the PERFECT holiday gift for spouses and grandparents ;-). See more on the Found-it system here and Oliver’s Labels line of adult labels here. I’m not gonna lie – I’m kinda obsessed with the curbside labels. Our garbage cans need some beautification! bin_1

Can’t wait for you to try Oliver’s Labels – happy labeling!

Back to School Giveaway #1: Oliver’s Labels School Package

One lucky Smarty will win a full set of personalized Oliver’s Labels School Package, valued at $41.99. To enter please do the following:
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Good luck, Smarties! Winner will be announced Monday, August 28.school_1

For more on Oliver’s Labels visit:


10 Responses

  1. Angela Hendricks says:

    If I won my daughter would love the Wild Kittens design! Thank you for the chance! I shared on Facebook (Angela Hendricks) and my IG name is @Kitty.Kad

  2. Harmony Burmeister says:

    I would choose the camp for my boys

  3. Love these labels! My daughter would love the Superheroines design.

  4. Nan Howard says:

    Tie Dye!

  5. We would choose a few different designs. Light Polkadots and crossbones

  6. Kelli Leone says:

    I would use the adult waterproof labels. With those labels, I could tackle the boy’s sporting equipment and school items.

  7. Ashley Dunham says:

    Would definitely go with the “Found It” label option!

  8. Audrey Stewart says:

    Our Samantha would love the Shimmer and Shine labels.

  9. Audrey Stewart says:

    I shared on Facebook /

    Ifollowed and tagged Charlotte Smarty Pants and Oliver’s Labels on Instagram and tagged to friends @stewartaudrey

  10. Caris Malone says:

    Waterproof labels!!!

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