July 22, 2017

Smarty Mom: Katie Self Nifong

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I have known Katie since high school and she’s still as sweet now as she was then. We’ve reconnected through this journey called “motherhood” in more ways than one. She’s one of the strongest mamas I know, and you’re about to learn why. I’m delighted to introduce this week’s Smarty Mom, Katie Self Nifong.

Smarty Mom: Katie Self Nifong

Married to:Joe Nifong
Kiddos: Grace (2 ½) and Noah (7months)
Occupation: Norwex Consultant

What are the challenges of owning a small business and being a mom?

It’s hard not to feel guilty taking a little time away from your kids to work. I know that in the long run, this will benefit our family in a financial and health manner. Knowing that I can help other families become educated about reducing the chemicals in their home makes it worth it.

Why did you choose to become a Norwex consultant?

I have been chemical free for a few months now. Having the kids started my journey but I never fully made the jump until my mom’s cancer returned. I really started doing research into the side effects that chemicals in OTC cleaners have. Everything that Norwex stands for in regards to reducing chemicals in the home is a big initiative for me right now. Katie and LuAnn

What are your top three favorite Norwex products & why?

EnviroCloth and Window Cloth (Sorry I feel like they are one b/c you need both lol) are my #1.
You can clean 90% of your home with them with just water including raw chicken, bathrooms, etc without worrying about spreading the bacteria/germs. You also will not have any streaks left on your mirrors, windows, stainless steel appliances.

#2- Body cloth- These things are amazing. They will remove makeup (including waterproof) and exfoliate your skin all with water. I no longer use face wash and my face has never been this smooth and acne free.

#3- Last but not least is the mop. It has the dry pad for removing the dust/food particles/etc. and then the wet pad (you use just water) to remove all bacteria on your floors. Since you are not using ANY chemicals, just water, this is safe on any surface.

Incredible Cause

Katie is an incredible Norwex consultant. She’s an incredible mom. But she’s an even better daughter. Katie decided to become part of the Norwex movement not only for her kiddos, but also for her mother. Her mom, LuAnn Self, has been battling a tremendous fight with lung cancer. In an effort to contribute to research and treatment, Katie is donating $1,0000.00 of her personal earnings (not commission based) to the Lung Cancer Initiative of NC. If you would like to create a safer cleaning environment in your home and help an incredible cause, please click here to shop with Katie.

She has just created a team to support LuAnn Self in her fight against lung cancer. Please consider joining them at the walk or donating to the cause.

If you are not in need of any products, but would like to contribute to the cause, click here.

Fun Facts about Katie

Favorite Food Spot in the QC: Mickey & Mooch

Perfect Date Night: Nice dinner and a quiet night “in”

Favorite Summer Activity: Splash pads at the park!

Favorite App: Baby feed timer! It tells me when to breastfeed and which breast to use.

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