June 29, 2017

It’s BOGO time with 2U Laundry

2U Laundry City

We’ve got a summer time deal for you from our besties at 2U Laundry. They’re offering a Buy One Get One offer for Smarty readers that multiplies (kind of like all those wet pool towels in your laundry basket). BOGO is happening NOW – Buy 1, Get 1; Buy, 2, Get 2; Buy 4, Get 4 – you’ll save you up to $120 AND get laundry checked off the list. Imagine what you can do with all that free time AND all of those savings. Hmmmm…may we suggest a little pool and wine time?

Smartyland is hooked on our 2U Laundry fairies. We shove so much into that one blue bag, we get our strength workout for the day dragging it outside for pick up. There’s so much we love about the service, but here are the highlights:

Size matters.

They’re not skimping on the size of the bag. Trust us – you can shove A LOT of clothes and towels into a 2U Laundry bag.Bag shot

Totally custom cleaning.

You tell 2U Laundry how you want your clothes laundered, and they do it. Period.

A soft touch.

There’s an entirely separate bag for hang-dry delicates so there’s never a chance your Lululemons will get mixed in with your teenager’s boxers.

A smart(y) pick up and delivery.

You’ll get a reminder text the night before pick up with an option to opt out. You get a 10-minute warning text letting you know your driver is on his way. You’ll get a text at pick up and a text at delivery (which is a mere 24 hours later). Their customer service is AH-MAZING.

Quick on the dirty.

A super-fast 24-hour turnaround – even on dry cleaning.

We’ve been dialing in our laundry fairies all summer to help us keep on track with the pool towels, dirty day camp clothes, and post-beach-week mayhem. We CAN’T WAIT to hand over the kids’ overnight summer camp laundry next month. We’ve been prepping our laundry fairies for it – we know they’re ready. 🙂2U Laundry Camp

Don’t wait to try 2U Laundry. Click here or feel free to call or TEXT them at 704.766.8730. Remember, BOGO!

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