April 4, 2017

2U Laundry: A Smarty Mom’s Laundry Fairy {psst! 6 free loads of laundry}

Fairies do exist. After a few weeks with 2U Laundry, we can honestly say they really do exist. And we’re hooked.

We first introduced you to 2U Laundry a couple of weeks ago with a FREE bag (6 loads!) of laundry Smarty Steal – if you haven’t taken advantage of that, we recommend you get on this laundry fairy train pronto because it is AH-MAZING. Imagine heaving all of your dirty clothes (no color sorting needed) into a big blue bag, leaving it on your front porch, and poof! it’s done the next day perfectly folded (our kids have never seen their undies folded so perfectly). Delicates and hang-dry items are no problem – there’s a separate {pink} bag for those. And dry cleaning? Done. In one day AND delivered to your door. There’s even an alterations service to mend minor clothing repairs.

Oh, and here’s what your laundry fairy looks like:

2U Laundry Dude

See? We told you it was magical.

2ULaundry was inspired by a radically simple idea – to give people more time. What initially began as a class project at Wake Forest University quickly evolved into something more. Co-founders, Dan Daquisto and Alex Smereczniak brought this concept to the Queen City after college and we’re sure glad they did. Thanks to these two, we Smarties will never have to do laundry again.

Imagine the mounds of nasty sports jerseys after a long weekend of kids’ sports.

Imagine coming home from a week-long Spring Break trip. Piles of laundry waiting for you.

Imagine coming home from an amazing girls’ weekend at the beach to a MOUNTAIN of laundry. (Almost not worth the trip, right?)

NOW imagine throwing ALL of it into a big blue bag and snapping your fingers. Mondays look a whole lot different!

That’s what we’ve been doing for a couple of months, and we can’t imagine ever going back.

Click here to enjoy your #lifechanging 2ULaundry Large Laundry Bag on us. You can thank us later.

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