June 30, 2017

Smarty Review: Ollie Gray Bras

Ladies, I have found the most incredible, comfortable, versatile bra on the market. I am beyond excited to introduce you to the Lulu Lemon of bras, the Ollie Gray Bra!ollie gray bitsy bra

I started my search in a similar manner as the Ollie Gray founder, Kate Rech. While chatting with her, she described her search SO similarly to my own in finding the perfect maternity/postpartum bra. Rech had invested a TON of money on several bras during her postpartum journey, but never found a single “go-to” bra. She had a few bras that broke, and just about one bra for every purpose of motherhood. She decided there should be a “one and done” bra for all mommas, so, she created one!D15O5850

The incredible Ollie Gray Bra has several attributes that make it beyond appealing for a maternal and/or postpartum momma. The fabric is a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial material that can support your fluctuating chest size with an incredible flexible quality. It allows for hands-free pumping with ease and is compatible with all pumps on the market. Believe me, it will hold the pump firmly in place and genuinely allows for you to use your hands elsewhere while pumping. Additionally, there is an easy release clasp, which makes breastfeeding anywhere a breeze!

Give this incredible bra a try and I promise you will LOVE it so much that you will wear it EVERYWHERE!

Ready to shop??? Click, here.

Smarty Giveaway: One (1) Ollie Gray Bra (valued at $68)

One lucky Smarty will win her very own Ollie Gray Bra valued at $68. Entering to win is easy:
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3. In the Comments section below, tell us what’s next on your summer bucket list.

That’s it! Winner will be announced Monday, July 3. Good luck, Smarties!

6 Responses

  1. Jessica Pearson says:

    Taking a 3 month old to the beach 😬 That’s the most exciting it’s getting around here for a while even though I’d really love to be cruisin’ to the Bahamas.. one day..

  2. Katie White says:

    I’d like to finish a book I just started… seems to be taking awhile! Also hoping to fit in a trip to the mountains!

  3. I want to head to the mountains.

  4. Courtney says:

    Sitting all day in a lounge chair on the beach while on our beach vacay would be a good start!

  5. Mary Schuller says:

    Spending the summer at the pool with the kids!

  6. Ashley pettit says:

    I’m a full time business owner and Mommy to a 1.5 yr old and a 2 week old. I will be working and being mommy. No special plans other than learning to be a family of four!

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