April 11, 2017

Smarty Giveaway: Win a FREE week of SUMMER DAY CAMP at the YMCA (valued up to $300)!

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It’s time for an awesome DAY CAMP GIVEAWAY! One lucky Smarty will win a free week of Summer Day Camp at the Y — you choose the camp, the week and the location! Day camps for kids ages 1 to 16 run from May 30 until September across 14 + locations in the greater Charlotte area. The Y offers a huge variety of camp experiences to spark your child’s interest, excitement and creativity. Check it out:

What you might know about day camps at the Y …

You probably know the Y is a fun and safe place offering traditional day camps with tons of fun activities indoor and out for preschool and elementary ages and pre-teens and teens — and you don’t have to be a member to attend.

And because the Y stands for youth development, health and fitness, it’s a given they’d offer sports camps for baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and swimming — and even dance and cheerleading. All camps are led by well-trained and energetic counselors who are great with kids.2014-06-27_AOF_15493_CMYK

What you gotta see to believe …

One thing that makes Summer Day Camp at the Y stand out among other day camps is the huge number of camps the Y offers — more than 500 day camps this summer across 14+ locations around Charlotte and at their two wilderness camps: YMCA Camp Harrison in the beautiful mountains near North Wilkesboro, NC and the 100-acre YMCA Camp Thunderbird on Lake Wylie. Wow, that’s a lot of camps!

Aside from traditional and sports camps, the Y offers and specialty-themed camps that are so creative and fun sounding, I had to pull a handful from their website just to show you: 2016-10-Y_BSE-SHOT5_0022

– Mad Scientist
– Super Hero
– American Girl
– Air and Space
– Pokemon Trainer
– Dinon Daze
– Animal Kingdom
– Knights and Ninjas
– Princess
– Lego
– Pokemon Madness
– Teddy Bears
– YouTubers Filmmaking
– Grossology
– Art Attack
– Roadtrippin
– Slime
– Spy
– Ultimate Disc Golf
– Drama
– Ecology
– Paint Party
– Ski Boat Wakesurf
– Whew, and more!

It’s easy to search on the YMCA Camp Central website for some great camps at branches near you. You can filter by age, date, price, location and theme / interest.

Creative, fun, friendly, convenient and affordable — How can you pick just one camp?

Seriously. How much fun do those camps sound?! Of course you want to win the Smarty Giveaway, but lots of families register their kids for several camps across the summer — especially with affordable rates starting as low as $100 for a full week of camp. You don’t have to be a member of the Y to register your kids, though you’ll get a discount if you are. 2014-06-27_AOF_14539_CMYK

To accommodate a lot of different schedules, the Y has flexible early morning drop off at 7:30 and late pick up until 6 pm in some locations. Speaking of convenience, you can also opt in to have lunches provided. Additionally, there are half-day camps, and even 1, 2, 3 and 4-day camps to fit into your child’s and family’s summer schedule.

Meaningful activities and experiences in a nurturing environment

As fun as the Summer Day Camp at the Y is, you’ll love knowing the camps are really centered around improving the well-being of children. They take a strong stance in encouraging each child’s individuality and intentionally focus on three areas of development: friendships, accomplishment and belonging. Kids feel welcome and free to express who they are, and are challenged to be their best. Campers have fun exploring, discovering new talents, gaining independence and meeting new friends.

Deets on the Y Summer Camp Smarty Giveaway

Follow these 3 steps to enter and we will pick a lucky Smarty winner on April 27.

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Good luck, Smarties!

36 Responses

  1. Payton has never been to camp, so I think he would enjoy just having something to do outside of the neighborhood.

  2. Julie Kelly says:

    My daughter would love art camp and swimming!

  3. Lindsey says:

    My daughter would love the crafts at camp.

  4. Melanie Bradle says:

    My son would love the Pokémon camps!

  5. Jennifer Bonack says:

    My kids love camps, and I would love one of them to do the YouTube camp.

  6. Josie says:

    gymnastics would be a huge hit!

  7. Amy Chandler says:

    My daughter loves the Y and their camps! She would really enjoy the art camps!

  8. Kelli Green says:

    I have four boys so summer camps are expensive! We do a few weeks of camps in the summer as a special treat for the boys. I think their favorite part would be anything to do with water-swimming, art, lunch, etc. 🙂

  9. Lucy Bustos says:

    When I used to come from Venezuela to the summer camps I came alot to the YMCA summer camps. I want my son
    to have the exact same experience I had. The most wonderful time
    I can still remember 😘

  10. Kristin Bordeaux says:

    My oldest would love a sports camp and my two youngest would love sports or superheroes! I’m sure with three boys home this summer this week of camp would be put to great use!!

  11. Ashley says:

    My girls would love learning more about making YouTube videos or cooking/baking!

  12. Kristen McDonald says:

    My girl would love the American Girl Doll Camp and the YouTube camp!!

  13. Beth S says:

    My son would love the sports camps

  14. Erin mcmorris says:

    My child loves art and this would be amazing!

  15. Jennifer Newton says:

    My kids would love everything about the YMCA camps, fun activities, seeing friends and making new friends and getting out and trying new things!


    My 7 year old daughter would l*o*v*e to attend dance camp at the Y, expanding what she’s taken when she was younger. She wants to practice different styles so she can pick a year round dance program at the Y this fall. <3

  17. Kierstin says:

    My daughter is super excited about all the new cooking camps offered at the Y and would love Cupcake Wars!

  18. Molly hicks says:

    The Art activities would be my daughters favorite!

  19. Jessica King says:

    My daughter would love swimming or arts & crafts!!!

  20. Jalisia Davis says:

    My daughter is very interested in the safari, swim and dance camps! This would be her first year for a summer camp and she’s super excited.

  21. Megan says:

    With four kids, camp is expensive! So they’re only allowed to do one week of camp each summer! A second week would be amazing. my oldest has always LOVeD the Harris Y camps! His favorites have been the outdoor survival and legal camo!

  22. Jonathan Thornton says:

    My daughter would love American Girl camp or cooking/baking camp. We really enjoy the camps at the Y!

  23. Anna Miller says:

    My sons will love swimmming and the outdoor activities!

  24. Lara Freeman says:

    My son would love the sports camp, art camps and Pokémon camps

  25. Margaret Ann Page says:

    My daughter would LOVE the drama camp, gymnastics, or American Girl Doll Camp. You all have the best giveaways!

  26. Donita Twyman says:

    My kids would just love the fact that they are partaking in this kind of adventures. They love sports art, swimming etc. so camp at the Y would be wonderful for them as well as a new learning experience.

  27. Melissa McDonald says:

    My son would love the Ski Boat Wakesurf Camp!

  28. Julie Todd says:

    My kids would like any of the adventure camps or my son would love the Lego camp.

  29. Julie Diaz says:

    My son would absolutely love Pokémon camp!

  30. Amy Zinm says:

    My daughter would love meeting girls and making new friends!

  31. Victoria Bailey says:

    My son would love the Pokémon camp.

  32. Kristen McDonald says:

    Animal kingdom and dance!

  33. Linda says:

    M son would love this! He has s a big fan of swimming and outdoor fun!

  34. My daughter would like the swimming activites!

  35. Laura Gibbs says:

    My three boys will love swimming, gymnastics and anything outdoors and creative!

  36. Natalie Alvarez-Browne says:

    My daughter mad science my son everything

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