November 30, 2014

Does Santa write back?

Yes, and apparently he has really lovely handwriting!

The highlight of my Holiday season is opening our annual letter from Santa. No, not a typo. He does writes back. Once a year a gorgeous piece of mail arrives like magic in our mailbox. Tucked between the bills and junk mail arrives a crisp red envelope with a hand-calligraphied address that looks as if it was painted by angels. The letter is our annual response from the Santa. It arrives with stunning hand calligraphy (Mrs. Claus would have it no other way) and carefully highlights details only Santa himself would know. It is lovely, it is personalized, and it defines the spirit of Christmas. Watching my daughter open her whimsical letter reminds me how beautiful a child is when they “believe”.

With love from Santa

The “elf” behind this letter is the very talented Sarah Victoria Hanna. Sarah is one of my closest friends and the most incredible person I’ve ever met. She is also a huge Smarty Pants fan, which makes us love her even more!! Her attention to detail and ability to celebrate life is inspirational. Several years ago, Sarah created these letters for her friends and family. The response was nothing short of overwhelming (clearly).

Santa's Letter

Now each Season, Sarah takes a small break from her insane schedule as a Designer for Bella Figura (New York-based artisan letterpress studio) and creates these personal letters for tiny tots all over!

For ordering information, please contact Sarah at Each letter is $20, $5 for shipping. Simply provide some information and wait for your little slice of holiday heaven to arrive. Break out the tissues Smarties, you will need them! Supplies are limited.

Sarah Hanna

For more information on Sarah Hanna Calligraphy and Design, visit her flawless website at

Sarah’s work has been featured in The Washington Post, NBC’s Today Show, WE’s Platinum Weddings, The Knot Magazine, and The Atlantan Bride.

For more info on Sarah’s Santa letters, click here.

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