March 31, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner and CEENTA: how to avoid allergens

By our Smarty friends at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

Dealing with allergies can be a non-stop battle. The weather gets warmer earlier every year and spring allergies – pollens, primarily – start sooner. But some people have to deal with winter allergies, like dust and molds, too. Medicines can do a lot to reduce your symptoms, but did you know there are things you can do around your house to minimize your exposure to allergens? Here are five ways to help avoid allergens before they trigger sneezing and runny noses.WomanClosingWindowWeb

Keep your humidity levels reasonable: Mold grows in areas with a lot of moisture, and winters in the Charlotte area, like the winter we just had, can be wet. If you keep the humidity level of your home around 35-40 percent, you can minimize mold exposure.

Get rid of dust mites: A clean home can do wonders to reduce your exposure to dust allergens, which are common when your home is shut up during the winter. Therefore, you should wash your sheets in hot water once a week. You should also dust and vacuum regularly. While performing these chores, we recommend wearing a mask to help reduce symptoms.

Keep the windows shut: In the springtime you want to keep as much pollen out of your house as possible. Keeping your windows shut keeps pollen outside.

Avoid peak pollen time: Check the pollen count daily and avoid going outside at peak pollen times. The pollen count is highest in the morning, so try to avoid going outside then if you can. Reliable pollen trackers can be found online.

Rinse with saline: While this is more of a proactive measure than an avoidance one, rinsing your nasal passages with saline after spending time outdoors flushes the pollen from your nose, thus minimizing your contact with allergens.

“Not everyone realizes how easy it is to reduce your allergy symptoms without taking medicine, CEENTA Allergy Clinical Coordinator Clarisa Thomas, RN, BSN, said. “It’s amazing what a difference following these few steps can make.”

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