November 13, 2017

Smarty Holiday Giveaway: the Just Add Elf™ Kit


**This giveaway is closed. Winner is Cammy Smith**

If you’re one of those people who marvel at others’ Facebook pages with their holiday Elf antics but just can’t muster up the creativity, energy, or brain power to unleash your family’s Elf’s naughtiness (and I’m looking in a mirror right now), today is your lucky day. I am SO excited to introduce you to the cutest way to take a HUGE load off your plate this holiday season: the Just Add Elf™ kit.

It’s an all-inclusive answer to the daily struggle of “what the ELF?!” No more waking up in the middle of the night freaking out because the Elf got lazy, no more Pinterest fails, no more cold sweats.

Each kit includes scenes for 24 complete Elf days (they recommend Dec. 1-24), including ALL supplies (literally everything — all ready to use), fool proof set-up instructions, and letters from your Elf to your kids (personalized ones are optional). The kit also includes several tangible take-aways and fun surprises for your kid(s) to keep from various scenes.

The brilliant minds behind the Just Add Elf kit say it’s the ultimate kit for parents who:

– Question why you ever thought starting an Elf tradition was the BEST idea and have considered the cost of your child’s therapy if you kill your Elf off…
– Wake up with the startling realization that you forgot to move your Elf and you have obviously ruined Christmas — for years to come!…
– See all sorts of awesome ideas on Pinterest, but going to the store is laughable — especially since it’s 2am and you just have to get SOMETHING done by the morning… Elves fall into comas, right!?
– Have come to terms with the fact that this Elf might be the end of your marriage… and the start of your drinking problem…
– “Pinterest Fail” is a way of life.

Did you check some boxes on that list, Smarties? Me, too. But, no sweat because the Just Add Elf™ kit is about to change your LIFE. A bubble bath with a Christmas duck, a fishing excursion, sick Elf, Elf stand up, a napping Elf with hand sewn sleeping bag are just a few of the amazing things your Elf will do in December. Know what you WON’T be doing? Standing in line at Michael’s with the rest of Charlotte. You might just have time for a bubble bath yourself (sans Elf, of course).

More details on the Just Add Elf™ Kit:

The Just Add Elf™ kit comes in two pricing options (but we actually think these kits are priceless):
Option 1: $45 for 24-Day All-Inclusive Kit
Option 2: $50 for 24 Day All-Inclusive Kit + Personalized notes with your kid(s) and Elf’s names.

They’ve extended their ordering deadline for Smarties to Friday, November 17 (See? They know our kind well – #procrastinators)! Click here for ordering instructions. Pick up locally (FREE!) in Charlotte Nov. 27-Dec. 1. And keep reading to see how you can win your very own kit! You’re welcome!! :-)

Smarty Giveaway: One (1) Just Add Elf™ Kit 24-Day All-Inclusive Kit (Valued at $45)

One lucky Smarty will win one (1) Just Add Elf™ Kit, valued at $45. Entering is easy. Simply do the following:
1. Subscribe to our newsletter.
2. Follow Just Add Elf™ and CSP on Facebook
3. In the Comments below, tell us your Elf’s name.

That’s it! Winner will be picked at random on Friday, November 17. **Winner will be responsible for picking up her kit locally in Charlotte between November 27-December 1.** Good luck, Smarties!


Just Add Elf™ Kit Logo without Elf face

33 Responses

  1. Samantha schmerge says:

    This is such a great idea!! Our elf jo-jo had to get the flu last year just to give me a break 😂 He laid in a box of tissues for several days recovering 😉

  2. J Engel says:

    We have a red one named McBean and a Carolina one named Granville.

  3. Jennifer Putnam says:

    Our elf is named Raji 😁 With our third child to be born December 5th, this kit would be a HUGE (HUGE!) help!!!!

  4. anne says:

    omg love this!!!!!

  5. Sabrina G. says:

    Our Elf, Sammy, tries to keep up with the all mighty Pinterest, but fails…miserably. This may give him a fighting chance and our 3 – soon to be 4 kids (we are scheduled to have our 4th around Thanksgiving) a few good laughs this holiday season!

  6. Jackie Sherrill says:

    We have Joseph the elf, and not sure where that name came from years ago!

  7. Stephanie H Grossman says:

    We have Chippy and Ruby!

  8. josie m says:

    what a genius idea!! our elf is Orange (like the color.)

  9. Aimee Bucci says:


  10. Kelly says:

    Gilly the elf over here!

  11. Our Elf, Ethan (named after Miller’s 1st crush) will love this amazing kit! What a fabulous idea!

  12. Julie says:

    This is AMAZING! I have two kids and two elves – although the elves always do the same thing. Fluffy Pants and Grace are their names. My kids wrote a letter to Santa a few years ago to please send a “girl Elf” to my daughter. I love the joy that kids have each morning but I am running out of ideas….
    Thank you!

  13. Leah says:

    Our elf is Jingle! Thanks.

  14. Jen McAllister says:

    Our elf is Neddy. He’s been with us for 7 years:)

  15. Jo-Anna Seiler says:


  16. Cammy Smitb says:

    Mookie the elf. Our kids have been asking about him for months! They can’t wait for their little sister to get involved with the search now!

  17. Tish Humphries says:

    Love this idea! Our elves Chippy and Violet Renee arrive next week and my kiddos can’t wait! This is one of our favorite parts about Christmas!

  18. Stephanie Raymond says:

    Our elf’s name is Jingles…this is a great idea…thanks!!!🎅🎄

  19. Amy says:

    Our elves are Max and Ella. My 10 year old hides them for his little sisters and this year purchased 2 more to add to the gang. :)

  20. Jennifer Riggall says:

    Jerome and buddy are our elves names. This is awesome!

  21. Molly hicks says:

    Our elf is Sparkle:)

  22. Tricia says:

    Our elf Homer NEEEDS this …. and so do the grownups in Homer’s life.

  23. Tara Christensen says:

    Our elfs name is Robin. He is a boy.

    At the time Robin came to our house, my boys swim teacher was a girl named Robin. So between her and Batman’s side kick… he is Robin. I ask every year if it is a new elf or if it’s Robin. Robin is on about his 5th year.

  24. Leslie Vlahos says:

    This would be awesome! Our elf’s name is Heart Sparkles and she is definitely not as mischievous as the Pinterest elves 😆

  25. Just Add Elf says:

    Hi Smarties!! We only have 3 kits left and then we’ll be closing down shop to become busy little kit-making elves!! :) If you don’t get a kit, but still want a reminder to move your elf, we’ve set up a Remind group for you! Just text @justaddelf to 81010. The Remind app is set up for schools, so just select that you’re a Parent (because you are!) and disregard the school verbiage. We’ll send you a text every day to remind you to move your Elf. :)

  26. Stacy Walker says:

    What a great idea! This mama would love some help for our Elf, Zipper!

  27. Hillary Ryland says:

    My kids named our elf Sam.

  28. Kristin Bordeaux says:


  29. Michelle says:

    We don’t have an elf yet. I just haven’t had it in me. My son would love it if we finally got one though!

  30. My kids can never remember his name so we just change it every year. Ours also switches gender. We shall see what this year holds…

  31. Julie R says:

    I’ll have my 3 year old name the elf this year!

  32. Our elf is Red, very original. My son tried to change his name to Blue last year and I told him it would give Red an identity crisis. Happy thanksgiving,Merry Christmas!

  33. Maria McKinstry says:

    Our elf is Jingles and he is very loved by our boys!

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