September 6, 2017

Plan a Visit: York County Museum’s Smokey Bear Exhibit


As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Museum of York County since Zoey was about four months old. She LOVES the ongoing nature exhibits, planetarium, art exhibits, and the interactive play area designed JUST for smaller kiddos (ages 0-6). She especially LOVES their current featured exhibit: “Home Sweet Home” with Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl.IMG_4492


“Home Sweet Home” is a highly interactive exhibit. There are numerous ways that children’s minds and bodies can be challenged. This exhibit is VERY family friendly. In fact, I would encourage people to attend this exhibit as a family and complete the activities as a family as well. The activities include safe, simple, and practical ways that people can practice recycling, protecting our natural resources and teach sustainability.

This incredible exhibit (created by Betty Brin Children’s Museum in collaboration with the US Forest Service) includes SO MANY awesome activities, but here are a few to definitely try while you’re there!
– row a boat and “fish”IMG_5556
– crawl through a hollow log and climb a rock wall
– camp out under the starts while building a campfire (complete with s’mores!)
– dress like a park ranger, complete with two-way radio and binoculars
– play “house” and learn how to reuse and recycle
– plant a garden or tree
– learn how to protect nature and the wildlife

Needless to say, this exhibit is definitely worth a family trip to the Museum of York County! Although it currently lists the exhibit as available through September 2017, they have JUST informed me that they were able to receive an extension! YAY! Smokey Bear and Woodsy will be at the York County Museum until December 2017, but don’t wait too long for your visit, or you might miss them!

Ready to plan your visit??? Click, here.

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