August 24, 2017

Smarty Back to School Giveaway #3: MZ Wallace’s Metro Backpack

Welcome to the third (and last!) in our Back to School Giveaway series – for the last couple of days, we’ve given away a fun item that will make the Back to School transition MUCH easier. Day #1 was a customized School Package from Oliver’s Labels. Day #2 was a prize pack from the new Erin Condren Back to School line. Day #3 is SUPER fun and is a little treat for Smarty moms – because we TOTALLY deserve a something for making it through summer! :-)

If you’ve never heard of NYC-based MZ Wallace, you’re in for a treat today. I have been a huge fan of MZ Wallace bags ever since my NYC-bestie introduced them to me YEARS ago when my oldest was just a baby. She’s now 13, and still one of my favorite things to do when visiting my friend in Manhattan is to pop into the SoHo store to get my hands on the bags because we have limited “live” access in Charlotte :-). Every bag is so perfect for a busy woman/mom – they’re stylish but SO functional (and MZ Wallace comes out with the best seasonal colors and patterns!).

Today we’re giving one lucky Smarty a MZ Wallace Metro Backpack because after we’ve bought backpacks for all of the kids, don’t we deserve a beautiful one, too!? {PS – I love that backpacks are trending right now! Check out MZ Wallace’s entire line of backpacks here.} The Metro Backpack is large enough to use to and from work, the gym, a diaper bag, or a travel bag. It’s got zippered pockets and room for a water bottle on each side. PERFECT for a busy mama in this crazy Back to School season (aka the most wonderful time of the year…). MZ Backpack 3

Check out some of my other favorites from the MZ Wallace collection:

Roxy Crossbody, $315 – One of my fave day-to-day MZ purses. It’s small enough to be portable but has enough pockets to keep ALL of your stuff organized. It can also hold a Kindle, daily planner, or a Chrome book along with the essentials. The crossbody strap makes it comfortable even when chocked full of “life.” Seriously functional. And really pretty! Roxy Crossbody

Large Metro Tote, $225 – One of the best bags on the planet. It’s so lightweight and holds a ton. It comes with three small zippered pouches plus zips at the top so you won’t lose a thing. It can be folded, rolled, packed, and stuffed and never loses its shape. And, it’s SO comfortable on my shoulder. A must-have in my opinion (in any size!).

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote

Small Abbey Tote, $375 – To me this is one of the prettiest MZ Wallace bags. Smarty Jen has this one, and I envy it every time I see it on her shoulder. Small Abbey Tote

Medium Sutton, $225 – This is my NYC-friend’s fave. She loves the flexibility of it. When she clips down the sides and uses it as a purse, it can hold all the essentials, including toddlers’ necessities like snacks, wipes, and toys. But, she also uses it as a second bag for work to hold her lunch and gym gear. The crossbody strap makes commuting comfortable (despite the NYC subway in the summer). Since it’s made of the MZ Wallace signature Quilted Oxford Nylon, it can also be rolled, crushed, packed, and folded and is still pristine.

Medium Sutton

MZ Wallace also makes some great smaller bags that are still super functional. Check out the Pippa, Jordan Crossbody, and the Abbey Crossbody. Their baby bags are also swoon-worthy. Find the full MZ Wallace collection here – happy shopping!

Smarty Giveaway: One (1) MZ Wallace Metro Backpack, Valued at $245

One lucky Smarty will win one (1) MZ Wallace Metro Backpack, valued at $245. Entering is easy. Simply do the following:
MZ Backpack 2
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Good luck, Smarties! Winner will be announced Monday, August 28.

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14 Responses

  1. Angela Hendricks says:

    Having this amazing and gorgeous bookbag would make my life so much easier because I could throw in my purse stuff and my daughter’s toddler stuff and just go! Instead of taking two bags it would be simpler just to take one! Plus I would look so stylish!

  2. Chrissie Rogan says:

    I would love to have this bag! My kids always think I should carry their stuff! If I had this bavkpack I could carry everyone’s stuff !

  3. Jen Plym says:

    I SOOOOOO want to enter to win this…but I can’t…so I won’t…

  4. Amber Cheras says:

    This would make my family’s life so much easier because with back to school they have a ton of heavy books to carry with this they can just carry it all at once without the hassle plus it looks awesome!

  5. I’d love to win this amazing bag! I have a 4 month old and a child in pre-k, so this would be a stylish hands-free bag to carry all their necessities.

  6. Laura Stephens says:

    This amazing backpack will help me to ensure I have everything I need for the busy days or carpools to school, after school football game for 2 sons, working full time I always have files, laptop hopefully my lunch too. Many pieces to coordinate each day. Having one amazing backpack would help me greatly. I can use it to pack ahead items I need daily or those occasional things we Moms all need from time to time. Please pick me!

  7. Nan Howard says:

    I constantly have lots of stuff to carry and organize – would love to put it all in this bag!

  8. I have been looking for a cute backpack to carry all of my mom stuff. I have an old neck injury and can no longer carry a large purse. This backpack is eactly what I have been looking for!

  9. Kelli Green says:

    Bags are a necessity when you have 4 boys under the age of 8! Having this cute bag would make lugging their belongings around much more enjoyable! And stylish!

  10. Ashley Dunham says:

    I would LOVE to have this bag. On the occasion that we can escape from work and school for a family vacation, we love exploring new cities. A backpack is the essential bag for this type of exploration, and I sported my 8 year old’s purple and pink backpack on our last adventure. :-)

  11. Caris Malone says:

    I love easy and this bag would seriously make life easy!!

  12. Maria Berger says:

    This bag would be so amazing for me and back to school – just dropped my oldest off at college and could use a bag for school events here and to travel to see him in Washington DC. Cheryl you always have the best recommendations for travel bags! PICK ME PICK ME

  13. Audrey Stewart says:

    I would love to have this for my grandson, Anthony.

  14. Sarah Rowe says:

    Small Abby Tote is the perfect size for all the junk I carry but don’t really need.

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