June 17, 2017

Smarty Mom: Amelia Abbott

Smarties, meet Amelia Abbott, a woman effecting change in the Charlotte community. When Amelia sees a need for volunteerism, awareness, compassion, and advocacy, she doesn’t just join the ride, she helps create the movement by mobilizing others through Do Good Charlotte. Her passion breeds action that directly affects our neighbors, causes, and organizations right here. I am grateful to have women like Amelia and the other founders of Do Good Charlotte in our city, helping to create better worlds for all of our children! unnamed-8

Enjoy getting to know one of our Smarty neighbors and consider joining Amelia on her mission to make Charlotte an even greater city!

Smarty Mom: Amelia Abbott

From? Bronxville, NY, a small suburb outside New York City.
Years in Charlotte? 13 years
Children? I have two fantastic kids – Wilson, age 9 and Jorie, age 6.
Alma Mater? Randolph Macon College in Ashland, VA.
Former career? Before moving here I worked in political fundraising in Washington, DC, and then did event marketing/sales here in Charlotte.

We want to know more about Do Good Charlotte! Can you share?

Do Good CLT is a group of women, mobilizing locally, to propel positive systemic change through community-building, volunteering and advocacy. We currently focus our efforts in the areas of women’s rights, education, immigration and racial reconciliation. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations actively working in these areas, we seek first to listen and learn, and second, to identify volunteer engagement opportunities for our members. Through these relationships, we strive to form meaningful connections across the lines of race, class and status. In addition to volunteerism, Do Good CLT supports educational, community-building initiatives through participation in cultural events, facilitating panel discussions at our general membership meetings, hosting a Do Good CLT book club, and meeting with city leaders on relevant issues.

Who are all the fabulous women behind the mission?

Katherine Culp, Lindsay Jones and I founded the organization at the end of 2016, and our membership has grown to include more than 150 dynamic women who support our mission. We have an incredible team of committee chairs, volunteers and strategic advisors who have contributed countless hours to furthering Do Good CLT. Simply put, the amazing women who comprise our membership are behind Do Good CLT and make our mission come to life.FullSizeRender-4

What inspired you all to spearhead this movement?

The inspiration behind Do Good CLT (DGC) is a shared love and appreciation of Charlotte as a city with all of its successes and opportunities for growth. Our organization’s collective efforts empower women, giving them a voice in shaping the future of our city and creating meaningful volunteer opportunities for positive impact.

Where do you see Do Good Charlotte in five years?

In five years, Do Good CLT will be known as an empowered, aware and engaged group of women volunteers with authentic connections to neighbors across our city. It is my hope that our city will be able to see love in action through the relationships we’ve cultivated and the bridges we’ve built. Do Good CLT members and our city will see and feel the tangible change from “Doing Good.” We are currently partnered with Refugee Support Services, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool and Renaissance West STEAM Academy. In five years, I look forward to significantly increasing the number of Do Good CLT nonprofit and community partners – and, with the ground work laid in these first eight months, I am confident we are well on our way!

How can we get involved?

We would love many more women to get involved and encourage everyone to visit our website – DoGoodCLT.org. You can also email dogoodclt@gmail.com to be added to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @dogoodclt.

In what other ways are you involved in the Charlotte community?

I also volunteer regularly at my children’s school, Charlotte Lab School, and I serve on the vestry at Christ Episcopal Church; both places feel like extended family and are very close to my heart. IMG_0425

Why did you decide to get involved with Beautycounter?

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2010, I started reading about the potentially harmful effects of chemicals in our household and skincare products. At that time I started using Seventh Generation household products but couldn’t find a safe skincare brand that worked with my sensitive skin. When I finally found Beautycounter in 2015 I was immediately hooked! It was exactly what my skin needed. Plus, I love that the company dedicates an enormous amount of time advocating for much needed changes to the personal care industry so that everyone can have safer options.

Favorite product and why?

If I have to choose just one, I’d say the Plumping Face Oil. After eight years of dry, patchy rosacea redness, I finally have smooth skin on my cheeks thanks to this super moisturizing product.

Favorite summer place to vacation?

My favorite place for a low key summer trip is Topsail Beach, NC. I have been going there my entire life and immediately feel less stressed just being there. It hasn’t changed much in 40 years and I love that!!!

Favorite summer camps for your kids?

My kids are big fans of the sports camps at Queens University and taekwondo camp with The Kind Ninja. Later in the summer, my son will attend Camp Rockmont for two weeks and my daughter is already looking forward to Camp Merrie Woode in 2018.

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