May 6, 2017

Smarty Mom: Devon Newton

Devon Newton

I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of the funniest, cool and collected ladies I have the privilege working with. She is detail oriented, super buttoned up and knows how to keep a project moving, all while keeping it light and fun! This Smarty Mom is expecting her first baby in ten short weeks. Let’s get to know her more!

Smarties, let’s get cozy with Devon Newton!

Devon’s Smarty Mom Stats:

Name: Devon Newton
Married to: Sean
Kids: Baby boy due July 15th
Years in Charlotte: I was born and raised in Charlotte, left for a while for college in Charleston, SC, moved to Los Angeles, then came back. So, all in, about 27 years
Hood: Ballantyne
Occupation: Video Producer

How has your pregnancy been so far?

I’ve been really lucky in that it hasn’t been bad at all! Definitely not as rough as I was expecting, at least. My only big complaint is I don’t sleep – waking up every 45 minutes to go to the bathroom really throws a wrench into your REM cycle. And now that I’m in my third trimester, things are getting a little tougher and I’m moving a lot slower, and occasionally I’ll need a little push from my husband to get off the couch. But I guess that’s to be expected, given how much extra weight I’m hauling around.

How was the daycare hunt? Do you have any advice for new parents starting their daycare search?

If you need it, start looking for daycare early! I thought I was so on the ball by starting to do research and tours in my fifth month, only to find out that some places I liked had a long waiting list. One place didn’t have availability until August 2018. Those kids aren’t even conceived yet! We’ve found a place, but are on a wait list until possibly as late as January, so we are trying to figure out what to do with the baby in the time between when I go back to work and then. I’m just kind of thinking it’ll all work itself out, right?

What is the coolest baby item you’ve registered for or received?

I’m lucky enough to have several close friends with small kids, so I just took them with me to register and they told me exactly what to get and what I didn’t really need, which was so helpful! It is incredibly overwhelming for a first time mom to try to figure out what you need. I guess the coolest item we registered for is the MamaRoo (I have very high hopes for its calming abilities).


Tell us about Daddy-to-be! What is Sean looking forward to?

He is so excited, which makes me even more excited. He’s been wonderful – doing so much research, reading all the books, getting so much done around the house (we just bought our house in October, so his to-do list is quite expansive) and all around taking incredible care of me (specifically keeping the house stocked with ice cream at all times – that part of my pregnancy has been VERY clichéd). I don’t know what, specifically, he’s looking forward to most; I honestly think everything. But if I had to pick, probably teaching the little man baseball and golf.


What advice do you have for newly pregnant couples?

Ask for advice and help from your friends with kids. They’ll help prepare you better than any book, and they’ll be more honest. Especially in terms of the weird things going on with moms-to-be! I felt like some things were totally bizarre, but when I talked to my friends they said ‘Oh yeah, perfectly normal, that’s just how it goes’. They have definitely helped calm me down on some things and given me a good head’s up on others! I also have been making an effort to have date nights with my husband, since I assume those will be few and far between for a while. I think it’s important to take advantage of our last few months as a family of 2. It can be hard to motivate myself to get off the couch and get dressed when I’m exhausted (and sometimes cranky), but I want to be able to have alone time with him that’s not just sitting in front of the television.

Have you thought about coming back to work? How are you preparing for that?

I’m definitely planning on coming back, but as far as preparing goes, I’m not sure I have any idea what to expect! I’m more focused on getting through the first few weeks.

What do you do to unwind?

The answer to this question used to be a glass of prosecco, but nowadays it’s my couch, Netflix, and a comically large bowl of Marble Slab S’mores ice cream.

What’s your ideal date night?

There is a drive-in movie theater in Albemarle that my husband introduced me to when we first started dating called Badin Road Drive-In. We like to fill the back of my SUV with pillows and blankets, get some snacks and drinks, and head over there for a double feature ($7 for two movies is a great deal) It’s a long way to go for a movie, but it’s one of my favorite things to do together.

What’s your favorite thing about the Queen City?

I was born and raised here, so for me, there’s a lot I love. But high on that list would be the arts community. There is so much incredible theater and comedy that happens in Charlotte, and I mean more than just traveling shows that come to town. There are a lot of great theater companies and comedy groups that perform every weekend, and so many talented people that call Charlotte home.

Favorite app?

Anything that makes it easier for me to get food.

Finish this statement. I could not live without…

My friends and family. They are an incredible support system and have always been there for me. And, to an only slightly lesser extent, Belgium waffles.

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