May 5, 2017

Fitness Friday: Flywheel Sports Teen Program

Flywheel Smarty Teens

As school spring sports are wrapping up and summer is just beginning, it’s the perfect time for your teens to try new workouts. Well Smarties, we have just the workout for your athletic teenagers – Flywheel and FlyBarre Charlotte!

Whether your teen is a competitive athlete or just looking for something to get him/her in shape, Flywheel has something for everyone. Flywheel is the perfect supplement for your teen’s sports workouts, for boys and girls alike. I mean if Cam, Greg & Luke can hang here in their off season (just spotted last week:-), then you know this is the best kick-booty workout in the QC!

Keeping your teens busy is important, it keeps them out of trouble. There is nothing better than an intense cycle class or even better, a double with cycle and barre, followed by a juice from Juice Bar next door on a Friday night (or Leroy Fox if they are really hungry)! Best part, they can invite all of their friends to join the competition.

My teen has been loving Fly for a few months now and she absolutely loves the high energy workouts, the overall vibe of the studio, the FlyGear (she wears Fly’s AHH-Mazing leggings out pretty much every Friday night!) and best of all, I love the teen discount rates. Here’s what they look like.

The Flywheel Sports Teen Program:

flywheel smarty teens 2

Age: 13 years old or older, plus 100 lbs and 4’11”

Cost: $18 for student walk-in classes (check in advance to make sure class isn’t on a waitlist), or $145 unlimited/month, barre or cycle. If doing both cycle and barre, it’s $225/month.

How do I get my student rate? Must present student ID at desk and copy of full time schedule.

Is there a discount on FlyGear? Of course, Fly loves to see teens spreading the love and wearing FlyGear with pride! All teens get 15% off with unlimited teen membership.

On Flywheel:


Flywheel offers unmatched performance technology, a supportive atmosphere, healthy competition, and highly trained instructors — all to help you achieve real results.

From personal performance data to exclusive in-stadium technology, Flywheel metrics allow you to challenge your biggest competitor: You. If racing against others gives you that extra push, the TorqBoard measures your performance against your fellow riders. No matter your motive, the numbers-driven experience doesn’t just empower you. It’s proven to change you.

On FlyBarre:

Flybarre clot

Hop off the bike and onto the mat with FlyBarre, a total-body sculpting class that blends light weight training with core strengthening exercises to create the ultimate toning experience.

Led by a motivating instructor, FlyBarre is a fun, high-energy workout that quickly tones and strengthens muscles. They switch up their routines frequently, so even though they always concentrate on arms, core, thighs, and glutes, they guarantee you won’t get bored.

As the perfect complement to Flywheel, FlyBarre completes your full body workout. Look no further for a cardio and strength training dream team. Hit the stadium and the barre room and be prepared to meet all of your fitness goals.

You can find Flywheel Charlotte at:

Flywheel Charlotte
2907 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211
(980) 819-8501

Flywheel New Logo

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