March 8, 2017

Your Mom’s Donuts: A Mom and kid-friendly Donut Shop


I’m no food critic, but I am a foodie…A junk-foodie at heart, but sweets have become irresistible since giving birth to my now, 11-month-old. Yes, I am well aware of other donut establishments in the area and I have tried them all. I have tried them all with my tiny tornado and I promise you, Your Mom’s Donuts is the BEST place to go meet with a friend (or two) and enjoy some delicious donuts with your little one.

The first experience I had at Your Mom’s Donuts, was with my doula and several of her other clients. Our little ones had each been born within months of one another. We were tired, sleep-deprived, in need of adult interaction and what better place to meet than a donut shop?!? I remember driving quite a distance (40 minutes) with a screaming 4-month-old thinking to myself, “this better be worth it!”IMG_3067

I remember walking in and smelling the sweet aroma of freshly baked dough and chocolate (two of my favorite things!). I remember seeing a mom, hard at work behind the counter, wearing her baby on her back while she worked. Their menu was an abundant chalkboard full of tasty treats, and literally THE BEST hot and cold-brew coffee. The trip was beyond worth it. In fact, we’ve made the drive several times just to experience these delectable donuts. To put it plainly, these donuts are simply heaven on earth and a MUST-DO in the Charlotte/surrounding area.

About the Menu

Each day, the staff bakes fresh, handmade batches of donuts. The menu is always changing and they are always creating new flavors and combinations. They support local farms when considering their ingredients and never use artificial preservatives or colors in their donuts. IMG_3066

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday-Saturday: 7am-1pm or SELL OUT
Sunday: 8am-1pm or SELL OUT

***THEY SELL OUT QUICKLY! To get the best pick of the day, arrive EARLY!***

About the Venue

Their space matches their brand, entirely: nostalgic, hip, and delicious! The two biggest selling points for me (other than the incredible donuts) are incredible amount of open space/tables, and I felt completely comfortable breastfeeding in this venue. There is only a tiny down-side…there is no changing table, however, the bathroom is small and I do not think they could put one in there anyway. The parking spaces are directly in front of the venue, so it was no big deal to change my little one before/after our outing in the car.

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Your Mom’s Donuts

11025 Monroe Rd, Ste F
Matthews, North Carolina

Uptown Cart (weather dependent)
S. Tryon & MLK (In front of Wells Fargo)
(803) 280-5720

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