September 8, 2014

DIY: Brick Bookends

Township 1 Charlotte-20140805-01011Martha Stewart is not known for crafts that are easy to implement.  What she does is not what I would refer to as “crafting”.

I don’t have any minions at my beck and call to complete her kind of  projects, which take a lot of time, supplies, and skill.  None of which interests me for a DIY.

Maybe Martha is changing her tune because I found this amazing gilded brick bookends DIY on her site.  She recommends using a hammer and cloth (to cover the brick) to chisel off some pieces to make it look uneven and natural.

It took me about 15 minutes to complete these bookends and it came out great.

If you don’t have any bricks, you can buy them at Lowe’s.  And if you want them cut in half, go to the customer service desk and tell them you want to buy some bricks and have them cut in half.  Yes, they will do it!

I had them cut plexiglass to fit a tray, another simple DIY I did months ago, and the tray is in my family room on an end table.

builtinsIf the gold painted bricks are too plain for you, here are many other examples of bricks or rocks that have been transformed into super cool bookends.

Pattern:  This brick has been painted gold with a white triangle pattern.  Chic!

Dipped:  Everything is dipped these days – baskets, stool legs – why not dipped bricks as bookends!

Rocks: We have rocks in our yard that I’m gonna transform into these bookends!

Half bricks: Love the use of half bricks (Lowe’s will cut them in half for you) and gluing an animal on top.


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