February 11, 2014

Smarty Pledge to Purge #1: Green Jeans and Simply Sassy Styling Coach

By Smarty Guest Blogger, Cindy Williams, Co-Owner of Green Jeans Consignment.

Christine Nelson, Style Coach and owner of Simply Sassy Coach, and I had the opportunity to work with Sharon Thorsland, a super busy mom of 3, wife and sports reporter.  Our mission was to help Sharon clean out her closet, purge items that no longer work for her and tag items to sell at the upcoming Green Jeans Consignment sale, March 26-29 in Lake Norman.

We started our session by sitting down with Sharon to learn more about her lifestyle, wardrobe goals and fashion style. She admitted, “I have a closet full of black clothes.”  Christine immediately began a robust color conversation.  Sharon, like most women, gravitate to a wardrobe that is predominately black. Christine’s mission was to help her break out of the ‘rut’ and experiment with new colors.

IMG_5956This is what Christine had to say about Sharon wearing black:

Sharon was excited and open to incorporate these “new” colors into her wardrobe. From there, Christine and Sharon discussed body silhouette and her best physical features and how to enhance them through specific styles while paying close attention to the garment cut. Here’s another “Aha” moment for Sharon – cream vs. white:

Next came the purge.  The three of us were able to swiftly yet objectively go through her closet, item by item and decide whether it should stay, be donated or set aside to be consigned at the Green Jeans Consignment sale. She had items sitting in her closet that haven’t been worn in quite some time and just needed the boot.  After all, it’s taking up valuable real estate!

Pile of clothes From there, we tackled her handbag, shoes and accessories.  In addition to purging, Christine developed a list (Sharon’s “shopping” homework) of items that were missing from her wardrobe.

Christine loves accessories!  She pulled out a few scarves and gave Sharon a hands-on tutorial of what to do with a scarf.  They covered various ways to tie them and shared why scarves are so helpful in adding color, texture and interest to one’s look.  She came away with a new love and appreciation for scarves and accessories. IMG_5908

The final hour was spent creating head-to-toe looks for Sharon.  Christine used the items that she had sitting in her closet and tied pieces together in novel ways to create a variety of looks for work and play.  Sharon walked away with a fresh, new wardrobe using pieces she already owned and in some cases, had never worn before.  The best part is that Christine styled over 30 NEW OUTFITS and captured each one in a LOOK BOOK! Now, when Sharon gets dressed in the morning, the guesswork is taken out of the equation.  She can leave the house knowing that she looks amazing!





simply sassy logoLadies, if you have something that has been sitting in your closet for over one year, ask yourself, why haven’t I worn this?  Is it the style, the fit, or are you unsure of what to wear it with? Working with a style coach can help you maximize your current wardrobe, purge items that no longer work, save you money when shopping and give you the confidence and poise to look your best! For inquiries or to book a wardrobe styling service, contact Christine at SimplySassyCoach.com or 704-662-4051.  Follow on Facebook & Twitter.



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    I love this!!! Christine, can you do a video tutorial of how to wear a scarf?!!

  2. Christine is da bomb! She would be a GREAT monthly guest! We’ll get on it! 🙂

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