May 24, 2013

Smarty Camp Idea: Fundanoodle!

By our Smarty friends at Funanoodle

This summer, Fundanoodle, an early educational company, is offering handwriting camps. In today ‘s technology world where everything works with a finger swipe, we are seeing more and more children enter Kindergarten with weak fine motor skills. This means their little fingers are not strong enough to hold a pencil and form letters correctly (and eventually not strong enough to keyboard with proficiency). Many preschools in our area are now focusing on strengthening the fine motor skills with a variety of active play activities. However, when children start Kindergarten, they jump right into writing and are not spending enough time on working on the actual individual letter formation. “Play The ‘Write’ Way” is a summer enrichment opportunity that focuses on learning to print letters, strengthen hand muscles and work on fine & gross motor skill development. It is an ideal summer learning opportunity for rising Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Our “I Can Write Cursive! Boot Camps” are designed to teach older elementary students to write in cursive and provide skills to practice at home. This an ideal program for students who missed in class instruction, but need to make sure they meet the new North Carolina state guidelines for cursive requirements which maybe signed into law this summer.

Both programs were developed by two pediatric occupational therapist here in Charlotte, Michelle Yoder and Amy Bumgarner. The letters in both handwriting programs are taught in an order from easiest to hardest to form which helps the child feel successful and not get frustrated. The camps will be taught by experienced teachers that have been trained in the Fundanoodle methodology.

If you are interested in learning more about the handwriting camps, please go to Use code SMARTY for $25 off!!

Fundanoodle Play the Write Way

Fundanoodle I can Write Cursive

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