August 17, 2012

Local Viers family to appear on HGTV’s House Hunters on Vacation!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

That is unless you have been cast to appear on the hot new HGTV show, “House Hunters on Vacation”. You heard me right, Vacation. What a wonderful word, “vacation”… For children their minds automatically visualize summer vacation, school’s out, no homework, no early bedtimes, and definitely no early mornings. As a mom, we are swept away to a quiet place with no screaming children, no laundry piles and no toilets to clean. We hold a cute little drink with a bright pink umbrella, a good book, a beach and maybe even a cabana boy. Hey, a girl can dream!

Okie, back to reality, if school has not begun for your family yet, it is just around the corner. Sorry kids, your 3 month vacation party is over!

Here is the deal, last year the Viers family (click here for Smarty Mom Cara Vier’s interview) applied to appear on, House Hunters on Vacation. This is where HGTV gives lucky families the chance to stay in an incredible vacation home for a week. In each half-hour episode, HGTV whisks away one family to a beautiful vacation destination to kick back, relax and explore all of the area’s activities. Once they arrive at their destination, host Taniya Nayak takes the family to tour spectacular homes chosen just for them. The question the family and viewers must answer: Which home would they like to stay in for a week? It will be a tough decision, as every property will offer incredible yet different features. Will they fall for the beachside villa with an infinity pool? The perfect cottage nestled in the hills? Or the high-rise condo with incredible city views?

Set your DVR for Sunday, August 19 at 3:30 as our very own Charlotte family is whisked away for a fun-filled family vacation. In case you do not know this family; Jason and Cara own three hair salons, Salon 42 ,where Jason cuts and Cara handles the business end. Cara is also the Director of Innovation and Programming at the Harris YMCA. Their two children, Morgan and Jake, are pretty busy themselves with dance classes, guitar lessons, and school work. HGTV thought that this family needed a well-deserved break and we could not agree more!

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