March 10, 2012

Smarty Mom: Michelle Yoder

Smarty Charlotte, I would like to introduce you to a successful, local business owner who is also a fantastic mom. Smarties I am happy to introduce you to Michelle Yoder, owner and “heart” of Touchstone Therapy. Touchstone is the place you want to go if your child(ren) needs OT and/or PT. The therapists use play to make the therapy sessions fun, motivating and meaningful for the child.

I first met Michelle and her family a couple years ago at a mutual friend’s Superbowl Party. With my background in child and family I was drawn to her and the work that she does. My kids were drawn to her husband, actually his “partner” a German Shepard named Jacks. Matt is a K9 cop with the CMPD and my kids were just dying for an invite to meet him, Jacks, that is. Matt is as great as his lovely wife, and they have two great kids, Sydney and Owen, who always have big smiles on their sweet faces! Read on to see how this mom does it all for her family and for children in the Charlotte area who need PT/OT.

Smarty Stats:

Married to: Matthew Yoder
Years in Charlotte: 16 years
Occupation: Pediatric Occupational Therapist, President and Clinic Director of Touchstone Therapy
Hometown: Defiance, Ohio
Graduated from: The Ohio State University

What surprised you most about becoming a mom?

I never knew a loose tooth would be so gross!

What advice would you give brand new moms returning to the office?

Take the necessary time off even if it is financially difficult as they are only an infant for a short period. And, don’t give up on nursing! You can still work and nurse your baby!

Typical day:

Like any Mom’s day, I eat, work, play and sleep! I get up and get the kids out the door and usually begin seeing patients at 9:00. Most of my workday consists of treating patients, which looks a lot like I play all day, and then I rush out the door to pick up the kids or get home to make dinner. My husband goes into work at 5 a.m., so he is on afternoon duty most days. Once we’ve picked up the kids from sports and other activities, we eat dinner as a family, do homework and begin the bedtime routine. Often, once the kids are in bed, I have “homework” too, that consists of writing evaluations and completing administrative work for the business. However, I am a morning person, so I prefer to set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. to get up and do my reports.

Funniest things that your kids have ever said?

My son is a crack up and likes to entertain us with funny faces and sayings. His funniest sayings are too embarrassing for print, I’m afraid! My daughter is the more serious one. I remember when she was taking Spanish at the age of 4, she did not like it and came home and said, “It’s too much Hola!”

Favorite activity to do with your family/kids?

We love to travel and experience new places with the kids. Locally, we love to go to Panthers and Bobcats games!

Something most people don’t know about you?

I was a majorette and have been in two major Thanksgiving Day parades!

I could not live without…

my lip gloss and tooth brush! My friends tease me about how often I brush my teeth! I also adore my friends and family that fulfill my social needs and outlets!

Biggest challenge you face being a working mom and how do you overcome?

I love my job, however, I also want to be able to pick up my kids from carpool, volunteer at their school, participate in their sporting events, all while performing my household duties such as cooking and cleaning! Thank goodness, my wonderful husband is able to help fill the gaps! (I do hate laundry, anyway! )

What do you do for you when you’re not working or fulfilling family obligations?

I love to socialize (my girlfriends keep me sane) and travel. When I’m home, I love to chill with coffee and read. I sometimes get sucked into Pinterest. I try to slip in exercise, too!

7 Responses

  1. Yeah Michelle! You are an inspiration and Carolina Pad ( is so happy to partner with you to make learning fun with Fundanoodle (!!

  2. Ashley Hoy says:

    I met Michelle at the Fundanoodle launch party and she was instrumental in changing our family’s life by referring us for an OT consult at a fabulous LKN facility and getting my son’s life back on track! Cannon is SO much happier now with a new found skill set…writing letters with ease, mastered bike riding w/out training wheels, skiing, ice skating solo & now dirt bikes! Michelle, you were the suggestion that made the biggest difference in our lives! Your Smarty feature is SO well deserved. We love Fundanoodle & believe in what you do! Big thanks from a grateful mom fan.

  3. Megan Welfare says:

    I have triplets who were born a few months early, and thus have some developmental delays. Touchstone has been our lifeline! They work my kids HARD, but my kids truly think of their therapy sessions as “playdates”. They completely adore their therapists! The progress my children have made under Touchstone’s talented therapists has been nothing short of miraculous. The front office staff is amazing as well. Without being asked, they watch for appt openings that coincide, so as to consolidate the number of hours I spend in the waiting room every week. All around, Touchstone is topnotch – we are truly blessed to have found them!

  4. Paige says:

    Yay Michelle! She’s a great lady and a great “Smarty Mom!”

  5. traci zeller says:

    I am another mom who absolutely adores Touchstone! I spent quite a bit of time there with one of my twin sons, and all of his therapists were so wonderful, talented and caring.

  6. Melanie H says:

    We know Michelle from church & it is great to see her featured here! A fantastic person & Smarty Mom, indeed!

  7. Michelle forgot to mention that she also makes time each week to volunteer- I don’t know how she does it! She’s always giving back to her community…helping kids smile makes her day!

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