Foreign Language League

Foreign Language League is a fun and effective immersion program that teachers children as young as 18 months old up to adults Spanish, Mandarin, French and Italian. Your child will learn to think, speak, read and write a second language in a small group, once a week, 45 – minute full immersion class. We use culturally based music, art, games and stories to teach your child a second language in a fun environment. Children play, sing and dance while learning a second language!

We use several different methods to effectively teach our classes. Total Physical Response (TPR) exposes children to a new target language using activities that provide a variety of ways to absorb and respond to a language before speaking it. The Rassias Method exposes learners to a new language through dramatic communication and the Multiple Intelligence Theory suggests learners acquire new information in a variety of ways such as musical, verbal, tactile and visual. Our goal is for children and adults to have fun while learning their target language.

We offer classes at several retail locations including Uptown (Myers Park Baptist Church), Midtown (Community Charter Elementary School), Ballantyne (Gymboree Play and Music), and Gastonia (Gaston Day) We also offer after school enrichment programs at several schools in Charlotte, Weddington and Gastonia. To register for one of our classes, visit

For more information about our program, please visit or call 704-500-0143. Follow us on Facebook.