April 9, 2018

Get fit with runCLTrun’s Summer Running Group

Smarties, are you a runner looking for a group to run with or are you like me and have always wanted the skills to become a runner but every time you try you just fizzle out? Look no further, I have found the perfect opportunity for you! Lisa Landrum from runCLTrun is starting a summer running group!

Learn more about Lisa & runCLTrun:

Lisa Landrum, an avid runner and local mom to 3, created runCLTrun as a website for “all things running and all things Charlotte.” It is an amazing resource for runners/running groups to go and find information and interact with one another. Lisa Landrum has been a member of Charlotte’s running community since moving here in 2004. A runner for most of her life (she even has gravel in her knee from an elementary school track fall to prove it), she is excited to be interacting with other runners. Her running experience includes distances from 5k – 50 miles and she will gladly discuss any details of the training and races she’s done!

Summer Running Club Details:

*All levels are welcome
*No cost
*Meeting place: Athleta, SouthPark Mall
*Tuesdays at 9:30am (starting April 10th – June 10th)
*The group will meet at Athleta and run 1.5 or 3 mile loops
*Snacks and Water will be provided by Athleta

*SouthPark Boot Camp will lead pre-run strength training workouts in the Athleta store on 4/17, 5/1 and 5/22. These workouts will focus on body weight strength exercises to help improve running.

* Click here to register.

Smarties, who is ready to Run Charlotte RUN!

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