January 19, 2018

Who is ready to Lift. Tone. Burn. in 2018 at Pure Barre? Summer Bodies are made in the winter.

Smarties, we are breaking down all the MYTHS and stating FACTS about Pure Barre. We have recruited the experts: Caris Malone and Casie Petty to answer all your questions.

First and foremost, what is PURE BARRE?

Casie – Pure Barre is a 50 minute, full-body workout focusing on toning and lengthening the muscles. pbimage2

How does Pure Barre lengthen and tone muscles?

Caris: We work our muscles to exhaustion, then stretch them out; thus, creating long lean muscles.

What makes Pure Barre different from other workout classes?

Casie: We encourage you to do what you can! We never want to push anyone so hard that they have a bad experience. We want to create a comfortable environment and support system for clients to only grow stronger.

I have lower back problems, is Pure Barre a workout I can do?

Caris: Our movements are low-impact, making our classes ideal for anyone who is suffering an injury.

I haven’t worked out in a long time, is Pure Barre for me?

Caris: Pure Barre is the perfect place to start if you haven’t worked out in a while or if you are an exercise junkie; you decide the level you are going to work out each class.

Caris Malone, Pure Barre Ballantyne & SouthPark

Caris Malone, Pure Barre Ballantyne & SouthPark

I am 40-something in age. What is the general age of people that attend Pure Barre classes?

Caris: Our classes are filled with all different ages, shapes and experience levels, creating a non-intimidating vibe.

Does Pure Barre offer a cardio component?

Casie: We just started a new 50-minute cardio class called Empower that you’ve got to try.

On the schedule, I noticed two different classes: Pure Barre Classic and Pure Barre Empower. Is one easier than they other? What is the difference?

Caris: Pure Barre Classic is a 50 min, low-impact workout that works your entire body and raises your heart beat gradually throughout the class. Empower is our version of a cardio class. You still incorporate the basics of a Classic class, however; you have bursts of cardio throughout the class. Both classes are SO much fun!! The music is high energy and the choreo is always changing and keeping you on your toes. We highly recommend incorporating both classes into your weekly schedule. pbimage

Do you have to be at a certain level to try an Empower class?

Caris: Nope, everyone is welcome! Just like with Classic, there are modifications, so, just let us know what you need.

Is Pure Barre a good workout to try if you are cross-training?

Caris: Pure Barre strengthens and stretches muscles throughout the body, helping athletes improve their posture, prevent injury and even increase their speed. The low-impact movements are the perfect complement to any other workout.

Nobody likes being the newbie in the class. It can be intimidating trying a new workout. Any advice for a first timer?

Casie – Just to have fun! Don’t take your first class to seriously. Every client is in there to get a good workout and to support each other. Just relax and the teachers will guide you through the rest. You will get an amazing workout and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Casie Petty, Pure Barre Charlotte

Casie Petty, Pure Barre Charlotte

What kind of atmosphere can I expect in the studio?

Caris – I say it all the time and I will say it again, the women that walk through our doors everyday who trust us and believe in us are what make the studios so positive. I am forever grateful for their reassuring smiles, dedication and incredible strength. I am a true believer in what you put out is what you get back, and vice versa.

What exciting things are in store for Pure Barre in 2018 and how are you helping clients crush their 2018 fitness goals?

Casie – Our cardio class (Empower) is only getting stronger and better, and there will be a new class released in late 2018! The clients should look for some new and fun challenges ahead as well as some fun client bonding events.

Smarties, still have questions? Submit them below in our comment section and we will make sure they get answered. XOXO ~ Team CSP

Pure Barre Charlotte (Myers Park) News

-Get a jump on your New Year with our 12-month unlimited membership! Sign up between now and Jan 31st and get your first month for only $75!
12-month unlimited $159 monthly
*Free pb on demand
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Pure Barre SouthPark & Ballantyne News

Ballantyne – New classes added to the schedule: Fridays at 5:15pm.
Stop by the studios and check out all the new workout apparel. The leggings are “Beyond” adorable and the tops are super soft and cozy!

Make sure to check our Facebook/ Instagram accounts for upcoming pop-up classes and collaborations.

Current Collabs
On our Instragram pages: @purebarrebal and @purebarresouthpark, we are hosting a Favorite Things Giveaway with Teal House Collection, Farmer and the Belle, and Pearl and Mint.

Today: Friday, January 19th: head over to Little Nest Portraits for a Free Pure Barre Prenatal Event doors open at 10:15 am. Call Little Nest (704.847.4444) in advance and reserve a spot. Space is limited. Little Nest Portraits is located at 7314 Waverly Walk Avenue, Suite 7E; Charlotte, NC 28277

Ongoing: First Thursday of every month/ Barre to bar at Lenny Boy Brewing Co. (please check Facebook page for more details.


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