December 29, 2017

Smarty Fitness Interview & Giveaway: Carolina Barre & Core

CBC Plank


We are SO excited about the start of 2018, Smarties! Over the next week, we are bringing you interviews with some of our favorite fitness places in town AND with those interviews, we’re including some FIT-ULOUS giveaways just in time for those New Year’s resolutions.

Today we’re breaking down the barre and we’re getting cozy with Amity Whalen, owner of Carolina Barre & Core (CBC). Amity is a fitness legend that has been on the QC circuit since 1998. We have followed Amity’s talents with every new endeavor. I guess you can consider us “Amity groupies” because, well, she’s just that awesome and has a very dedicated following! Amity has expanded the CBC brand recently and opened up a 2nd location in Raleigh. Rumor has it, she has her eyes on a 3rd spot! So make sure you check out CBC on your Raleigh travels!

Meet Carolina Barre & Core’s Amity Whalen!

Amity Whalen CBC

Many people are intimidated by barre classes – especially if they are not a dancer! Is it necessary to have a dance background?

Yes many people are totally intimidated BUT, I’ve never taken a ballet class in my life! It certainly doesn’t hurt – dancers tend to have great body awareness and that’s huge but not imperative.

What makes CBC different from other barre classes?

I can’t say what happens in other barre classes- I can only promise you at CBC you’ll get a class where you feel welcome, get personally adjusted and assisted and modified for any limitations you may have. You will be pushed to your edge and get a great workout. You will enjoy a moment of peace in savasana at the end of class. You will leave feeling stronger and accomplished!

CBC Chair

You have a “no judgments, just results” philosophy in your studio. Tell us how that motivates your CBC family.

People feel like women at barre are “judgy”. We wanted to bust this myth. We want people to know that barre is for everyone. Every size, shape, age, color. You don’t have to wear super expensive workout clothes, just come as you are. You are always welcome here.

Tell us about your teachers and the type of classes you offer.

I’m so proud of my team at CBC! I truly believe we have the best staff of teachers in town. They care about personal connection in the most genuine way.

We believe in position, alignment, before we add in movement. This will make for the optimum experience and guest results! All of my teachers know modifications for injuries and each class can be customized for each guest.

CBC Team

Tell us about your “happy ending massage” after every class – THE BEST!!!

The massage came out of me being a yoga teacher and loving to give everyone a “savasana to remember”… I love touch. So I just wanted everyone to feel good after class. IT IS NOT MADATORY for my teachers to do…. but they picked up on how much people loved it and started doing it too —- then, it just became a standard at CBC. It was completely organic- I love that!

What exciting things are in store for CBC in 2018 and how are you helping clients crush their 2018 fitness goals?

It’s really important to us to have our CBC family coming 3-4 times a week so we can keep a finger on the pulse of their success. That’s why we’re growing our CORE MEMBERSHIP!!

With the CORE MEMBERSHIP: You will lock in a fabulous $150/month price and become a CORE MEMBER. If you become a CORE MEMBER anytime now until DECEMBER 30th, you’ll get your first month FREE! Hurry, this offer is ending soon! As in TWO DAYS, so hop on this barre bandwagon:-) Get this deal in the studio today or if you’re out of town, text Amity at 704-907-3333.

What’s your favorite workout gear?

That’s tough. I’ll always love Lululemon- I was an ambassador there at the showroom (showing my age) and the first year that Lululemon was in South Park Mall. But, we can’t carry them so my favorite at the studio is Alo and ONZIE. For lounging, I love Good Hyouman and my new line that I created, Core Collection (you’ll have to check this out in person at the studio:-)

Favorite go-to healthy snack?

Apple and almond butter. Must be a crisp sweet apple.

Favorite pre- or post-workout beauty product?

What is beauty? LOL

Favorite way to unwind?


Favorite song and/or artist to add to your barre playlist?

I don’t have a favorite… but I love digging up cheesy old songs (Amity has been known to whip out Lionel Ritchie during stretching!) that have been remixed to fit the format of the class. I try to put something for everyone on each playlist. Diversity is my key. I’m not big into themed classes.

Smarty Giveaway: One Month Unlimited at Carolina Barre & Core

One lucky Smarty will win one month of unlimited classes at CBC. Value $200. Entering is easy! Simply do the following:

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3. Leave a comment below with what your favorite brand of workout clothes is!

Winner will be announced Thursday, January 11.

Keep checking back with CSP for more fun fitness giveaways this week. In case you missed them, here they are – CycleBar Midtown & Waverly and Pure Barre Charlotte.

You can always find our Smarty friends at Carolina Barre & Core at:

cbclogoCarolina Barre & Core
2901 Selwyn Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28209 Phone: 980.207.1046

Carolina Barre & Core, Lafayette Village Raleigh
8480 Honeycutt Rd, Suite 102, Raleigh, NC 27615 Phone: 919.200.4241

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