November 21, 2017

Smarty Toddler Activity: The Little Gym of Charlotte

Recently life awarded me the opportunity to be home full-time with my 2 year old twin girls for about 6 weeks. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about what was in store for me as the last time that I was their sole caregiver during the week was a year prior and they definitely weren’t as quick on their feet or opinionated back then. So, I began researching and planning activities that I felt would be fun, educational and easy for one person to execute successfully with two toddlers. So, I revisited The Little Gym of Charlotte which we had looked into a few months prior and boy am I glad I did!IMG_2924

First and foremost, the fact that it is an enclosed space covered in soft surfaces was glorious to me; I didn’t feel that if I ran after one or helped her learn to do a somersault that I would lose the other one or risk her being seriously injured. THAT was peace of mind from the second we walked through the doors.

Second, within the first 45 minutes of the very first class, I saw my kids grow in how they interacted with others and loved seeing their pride as they realized they could do all these cool new things. The classes and teachers are really amazing at helping build language skills, confidence, fine motor skills and cooperation.

My girls have now been going for 8+ weeks and I have seen the improvements roll over into play time and learning at home; they have been sharing more, learning to be patient (most of the time), and their color recognition and English language skills (they are bilingual) have improved ten fold. I’m not saying that The Little Gym is solely responsible, but it 100% has had a huge part in their growth and has become an important part of our children’s play and educational activities for the week. IMG_3643

I HIGHLY recommend The Little Gym of Charlotte and know that it’s going to be a part of our girls’ activities for a long time to come.

Website Little Gym Logo
2935 Providence Rd., Ste. 206 Charlotte, NC
Price: Call for details (704) 365-3838 (Tell them Liz from Charlotte Smarty Pants sent you!)

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