September 26, 2017

Back to School: Lunch is now the most important meal of the day


By new Smarty Stephanie Wallace

Say it with me. September. Oh how I love September! To most people it’s just another month but to me and moms around the world it’s the mother of all months! To this mom September is the month of change. It means that summer is officially over, that it’s time to pack up those white shorts and pull out the sweaters, swap out the popsicles and watermelons for recipes filled with apples and pumpkins and most importantly it’s time to cut the swimsuits off the kids and pick out the perfect back to school outfits. Although I truly love summer, September has now become my favorite month.

It is a very SPECIAL September in our house as it is the first September all three of my little ones attend school together. In Septembers past my daughter has experienced the back to school scramble with all its change, but this is the very first “School” September for my twin boys.

As I began purchasing the backpacks and lunch boxes for my little ones this year, I started to really stress about how I would prepare lunch for all three in a timely and healthy manner. As I was researching healthy lunches online, I came across the Bentgo Kids Box. I found that there are several different bento boxes available and after reviewing them all, I chose to purchase the Bentgo Kids Box based on durability, ease of use, and price. Also, they come in such fun colors… how could I resist!

Now we are a few weeks into school and our Bentgo Kids Box experience so far has been better than imagined.

They hold just the right amount of food for my daughter’s small appetite, but plenty of food for my always-hungry boys. Each day I am delightfully surprised to open the lid and find the box completely empty. This is huge for us because my kids rarely eat everything I make since they super picky, and I am a big proponent for not wasting food.

The boxes are simple to use and easy to clean. In the morning I line them up on the counter, and before I know it, each space is filled and I am ready to go out the door. This is so awesome because opening and filling numerous baggies and Tupperware cups can be so time consuming and (I have to say it) wasteful. The extra storage containers my daughter used last year called for extra things to clean. With this box I just wash them out with some soapy water then let them air dry until next use.

It's also great for eating lunch on the go. This is my son Royce using his Bentgo Kids Box on a weekend road trip.

It’s also great for eating lunch on the go. This is my son Royce using his Bentgo Kids Box on a weekend road trip.

Lastly the Bentgo Kids Box is a fun take on the traditional lunch box and provides a creative way to introduce healthy choices into your kids lunch. The Bentgo challenged me to come up with fresh lunch options that are nutritionally balanced. I am now buying more of our fruit, veggies, and pantry snacks like pretzels in bulk which means less prepackaged snacks and less processed meals. My kids are so excited to eat from their Bentgo Kids Boxes each day and are proud to show me that the finished their lunch as soon as they get in the van from school. They have enjoyed them so much I have decided to purchase the adult version for me and my husband to try out!

We have enjoyed our experience with the Bentgo Kids Box and urge other families try any of the Bento Box lunch solutions along with some awesome lunch recipes you can find online. It may just make lunch the most important (and fun) meal of the day!

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