August 14, 2017

Smarty Rainy Day Toddler Activity- Yummy Finger Painting!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a few rainy days, so I’ve been revisiting some of my old favorites for indoor activities to do with the girls. We cherish our time outdoors because not only does it make the day go quick, but energy gets burned and new discoveries are made. However, staying indoors is sometimes unavoidable and mommy’s creative-brain has to kick in to keep the girls entertained and happy.

The girls, age 11 months

The girls, age 11 months

These days, as the girls are approaching two years old, finding new activities has been slightly easier. They are able to do more, understand more, and create more than they could a year ago. A year ago, every single thing was going in their mouth so I was looking for activities that were fun, safe and edible.

One of our favorites was finger painting with Greek yogurt that I would make into “paint” by just adding a few drops of food coloring. You don’t have to use Greek Yogurt, but that’s what we have at home, that’s what the girls eat anyway and I find the consistency to be a little easier to work with than more liquid varieties.

Step 1: Scoop some yogurt into several different cups.
Step 2: Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup.
Step 3: Mix, Mix, Mix until smooth and vibrant.
Step 4: Put your little ones in their high chairs, or wherever you designate as painting zone.
Step 5: Place a scoop of each color on their table, mat or whatever they are working on.
Step 6: Get the camera ready and enjoy your 20 minutes of peace!

TIP: I like to get the girls down to just their diapers before painting begins. It makes for an easier hose-down after. This works great before nap-time because they have full bellies, a fake mini-bath, warm PJs and it’s lights out within minutes.

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