August 12, 2017

Smarty Mom: Tiffani Jones

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So if you love babies like we Smarty Moms do, you are most definitely going to want to step into the life of Dr. Tiffani Jones for at least a day. Tiffani delivers babies in Charlotte while gracefully living a full and meaningful life. Tiffani’s smile is contagious and if you ever find yourself in conversation with her, you will find she is also magnetic. If her positivity and passion isn’t evident yet, then look no further than her caring and selfless children. I just love this family and know you will too!

Smarty Mom: Tiffani Jones

Married to: Thaddeus Jones
Kids: Gavyn (8) and Greyson (4)
Occupation: Obstetrician/Gynecologist
Alma Mater: Meharry Medical College
Originally From: Pontiac, Michigan
What part of Charlotte do you call home? Eastover

Delivering babies must be so rewarding and challenging at the same time. What’s it like bringing a baby into the world?

I was once told that things are always better when you don’t make it about you. That is how I look at delivery. While different for cesarean deliveries, for most deliveries I consider myself a guide. I take my medical knowledge, the desires of the mother, and the status of the baby/pregnancy to help guide her decisions about what to do and get their babies safely from their uterus to their arms. It is an honor to witness the joy and happiness of childbirth.

Childbirth can be the most glorious, organized chaos one has ever witnessed. There could be lots of people around, instruments everywhere, crying, screaming, fear, excitement, anticipation and any other emotion that you think of. But the sound of a crying baby and the sight of that small (but loud) new person gives relief, joy, purpose and peace to all.

How do you stay strong during the more difficult pregnancies and deliveries?

My answer may be too religious.

When did you know that you wanted to be an OB/GYN?

During medical school, I decided that I NEVER wanted to do another foot exam, that I loved seeing the problems completed from the beginning to the end, and that I wanted to be involved in the whole aspect of my patient: emotionally, medically and

While I love delivering babies, I consider myself a true surgeon at heart – I absolutely love being in the operating room. I can improve quality of life, reduce or relieve pain, and possibly save lives by performing surgical procedures.

Simply put, I get the best of all worlds and I love taking care of women! Most women are always focusing on taking care of others, so it I get to help them focus on themselves. I believe when you teach something to a woman she will teach others, care for others and hopefully remember to take care of herself too. Throughout all phases of life for women, from adolescents with painful periods, to trying not to be pregnant, to wanting to be pregnant, coping with balancing life, weight management, sexual health issues, to menopause and all the accompanying emotions, I am there for my patients and there is no other place that I would rather be!

How did being an OB/GYN prep you for the birth of your own children?

Honestly, with my first pregnancy I was nervous just like everyone else because I recognized that no matter how much I knew, I was not in control. I was sure to have a doctor who I trusted, I kept myself healthy, exercised, and enjoyed every moment of the pregnancy and delivery (minus contractions).

What’s it like being on call?

Exhausting but never boring! Unfortunately, I frequently use it as an excuse to eat whatever I want!

Any birth stories that you would like to share?

I would not want someone to think I was describing them!

What were your deliveries like?

For both of my pregnancies, I went into labor 4-5 hours after leaving work, yes with other deliveries the same day. The biggest thing I learned from my first delivery was to be sure my hair was presentable so that I would not be embarrassed to show hospital photos with my second!IMG_7418

We hear your daughter Gavyn has an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a charitable heart! How is she already creating impact in this world?

Gavyn has a heart of gold and loves giving to others. Last year after Hurricane Matthew, she asked me if she could donate Christmas gifts to affected children and she set out to give as much as she could! So I did some research to find Princeville, NC; it was one of the first cities ever incorporated by African Americans after the Civil War and one of the hardest hit cities in the state.

She wrote letters to our friends and neighbors to get their support and hosted a toys & books drive for about 5 weeks. Ultimately, she collected over $3000 in donations and money! Things went so well that I have been “employed” to help her develop her own non-profit organization titled “Gavyn Gives.”

Her salad & smoothie stand is not off to a good start due high prices! Her current menu is: Cobb salad or Cesar salad – $15, Strawberry, Banana or Blueberry smoothies – $ 7, and bottled water – $2! It is a work in process!

If you weren’t an OB/GYN, you would be…?

A collegiate athletic director, community advocate, event planner, or an athletic trainer.

I would have worked in college athletics. Before I decided to go to medical school, I was awarded an externship and a scholarship from the NCAA to work towards being an athletic director.

What charity/cause/organization are you and your husband involved with and why?

As a family, we cherish our love of God, diversity, and of course healthy babies! The charities that we support are the local Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, March of Dimes, and our church.

Gavyn is also infatuated with Bright Blessings and is instilling that in her brother. She loves making an impact in the lives of other children. Gavyn has used her birthday to donate to them for the past two years and is planning to “instruct” Greyson to do the same next year!IMG_5609

How do you and your husband balance your careers and home life?

Balance is word that we will use loosely at our house :-)! Both my husband and I work long hours and still manage to be involved in several social organizations. There is no way that we would make anything work without my mother! She is affectionately referred to as “Granny Joyce” by all our friends and neighbors. We live and die by our family planner and schedules: call schedules, travel schedules, activity schedules, school schedules, and social schedules are all listed! Planning ahead is key but I am truly thankful because she fills in the gaps when they occur. We are all clear that mistakes are a part of life and things may be missed but we always try our best!IMG_5416 2

Favorite place to vacation with your husband?

Anywhere at all! We just recently began traveling without the kids last year. We have such a good time connecting so that a quick getaway to Asheville or a trip as far as South Africa is great – just being together with uninterrupted conversation is special!

Favorite non-medical reading material (like you have time to read!)?

Currently, I am re-reading classic novels with my daughter. We recently read A Wrinkle in Time and are preparing to start The Chronicles of Narnia.

Any bucket list items that you want to share?

Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands (c’mon, I was biology major!)…my husband has convinced me to suppress my dream of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

CSP Team Note: Click here to see Tiffani in an interview on WCCB discussing fertility rates at a new low.

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    She is an amazing doctor. I’m fortunate to work with her and call her a friend. She has raised such wonderful children that will be role models for other children as they grow older.

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