June 8, 2017

A Poem for the Teething Fairy

There is nothing nice I could possibly say,teething fairy poem pic
You’ve come unannounced and not welcome to stay.
I look like an extra from The Walking Dead,
And visions of punching you dance through my head.

My child can’t sleep and you’ve stuffed up her nose,
There’s no shortage of snot…it continuously flows.
Tantrums occur at an alarming rate,
And naps (if they happen) are never so great.

I’ve tried everything I can to ease her pain,
There is no remedy around that’s match for your game.
Hylands and teethers , amber necklaces galore!
I even made popsicles for her gums, so sore.

She whines in the morning and whimpers at night,
I can’t leave her to cry- it just doesn’t feel right.
So I stay up to rock her, sing a lullaby…or ten.
Just to wake up in an hour and do it all over again.

You see, Teething Fairy, you’ve out welcomed your stay,
After months of these shenanigans it’s safe to say…
Then be on your merry way!!!

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