May 10, 2017

Smarty Spring Pick: Strawberry Picking at Carrigan Farms


I am so, so, so, so excited that it is strawberry season. Who’s with me? I mean come on, they are the sweetest, tastiest berries out there. Strawberry picking is one of my favorite things to do. I used to go with my mom as a little girl. I can remember it like yesterday.  Walking up and down the rows of the field picking the biggest, juiciest strawberries.  It was our special time together.

This year, I am passing on that tradition with my children. As I started planning our strawberry picking adventure, I kept seeing advertisement after advertisement about various farms already open for their U-Pick.  After doing some research, we decided to hold tight and wait for Carrigan Farms to announce they were ready to open their strawberry fields to the public.  Smarties, it was worth the WAIT! Their strawberries were big, red and delicious! Honestly, I have to say, they are the BEST strawberries I have ever had. 

Carrigan Farms is located at 1150 Oak Ridge Farm Highway in Mooresville. (Click here for directions.) It is about an hour drive from South Charlotte.  (It is totally worth the drive).  The twins and I made a day out of it and it was AHHHHMAZZZZING!  


We arrived before noon.  We received our basket from the farm stand and shortly after we started our adventure picking strawberries.  Strawberry fields are a big, open area with rows and rows of strawberry bushes.  Strawberry bushes grow low to the ground making it easy for little hands to pick the strawberries off them.  It was almost too easy for my twins.  They loved it!  It was so much fun watching them walk down each row discovering one juicy, red strawberry after the next.  It didn’t take long before it became a competition of who could pick the most. I loved watching their little faces light up when they would find an extra-large, bright red juicy strawberry. I had to consistently remind them to pick not eat the strawberries.  We spent over an hour picking strawberries that day.  The weather was perfect. We had blue skies and the sun was shining. 
If I had to rate our day at Carrigan Farms it would be a 10! We had an awesome time and their strawberries are divine! 


Strawberry Picking Tips:

1. Check the weather 
2. Bring Cash: Carrigran Farms does not accept credit cards
3. Bring a Water Spray Bottle 
(to clean strawberries, because, little Smarties have a hard time resisting eating the strawberries:-)  
4. Wear sunscreen
5. Wear a hat
6. Dress your little ones in clothes that can get dirty
7. Bring wet naps (this can stay in the car, just have them handy) 
8. Bring water
9. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

On Carrigan Farms:


We anticipate the season to last through late May; however it is weather dependent. Cost is $12 per gallon basket of pick-your-own strawberries and $15 per gallon basket of pre-picked strawberries.  There is no charge to enter the fields; however, each pair of customers are asked to pick a minimum of one gallon of strawberries. 
Also, Now selling Asparagus.  $5.00 per pound, picked fresh daily.

1150 Oak Ridge Highway 
Mooresville, NC 28115

Monday-Saturday 8:30AM-7:30PM 
Sunday 11:00AM-6PM

~Carrigan Farms receives the Smarty Seal of Approval for Strawberry Picking!


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