May 26, 2017

Carolina Harbor at Carowinds is a SPLASH!

Carolina Harbor is open for the season! Have you ever been there? It is tooooooooo much fun. Saturday was my family’s first time visiting the waterpark and we were very, very, very impressed.

Carolina Harbor has its own entrance. Thank Goodness, nobody wants to walk through the park in their bathing suits. Once you enter, there is beach music playing over the speakers and all around you are the most amazing water rides and attractions. waterpark6

Carolina Harbor Water Rides and Attractions:
Blackbeard’s Revenge: (My husband’s favorite) waterslide
Seaside Splashworks: (My 4 years old’s favorite) area geared for all ages
Myrtle Turtle Beach: area for the little, little smarties
Kiddy Hawk Cove: (My 4 year old’s favorite) area geared for all ages
Surf Club Harbor: ginormous wave pool with interactive water geysers
Pirate’s Landing: (My 4 year old’s favorite) area for the little smarties
Hurricane Falls: 4 person family raft slide
Tidal Wave Pool: (I am all about renting a private cabana!) wave pool (you can rent private cabanas here)
Barracuda Blasters: (waterslide that you ride down on a giant tube
Southern Sidewinder: (This looks like so much fun) open tube slides
Sand Dune Lagoon: (my favorite area) Little smarty pool area
Coast Currents: (my favorite area) Lazy River that you float on a tube.
Dorsal Fin Drop: (my husband’s favorite) water slide
Surfer’s Swell: (my husband’s favorite) water slide
Storm Surge: (my husband’s favorite) water slide
Pelican Plunge: (this looks like so much fun) open tube water slide

I love hearing the excitement of kids playing in the water. The pitter patter of their little feet splashing…. So much fun!

Top Ten Reasons why I loved taking my little smarties to Carolina Harbor:

#1 It is mandatory for little smarties to wear a life vest. They are colored coded according to weight and can be found all over the park.

#2 Lockers: There are tons of lockers for you to rent. They centrally located in the park.
#3 Hydration:Everywhere you turn there is a place for you to purchase a drink, or refill your Carowinds’ water bottle.
#4 Bathrooms: They are located on every turn. I never had to wait (very important when you have two little smarties in tow) .
#5 Food: Harbor House, Sharky’s, Beach Bites and Surfer Joe’s – there is a little bit for everybody. Nice variety!
#6 Water Attraction and Ride signage. The signs are very user friendly. They break down the ride according to level of intensity, height requirement, and if companion is needed if child does not meet height requirement. You can clearly read them from a distance.
#7 There are plenty of areas to sit down and take a break.
#8 Retail – if you forgot your sunscreen, or would like a hat NO PROBLEM, Carolina Harbor retail locations have you covered.
#9 The waterpark is very well designed. You never feel like you have walked very far before you arrive at a new location.
#10 There are lifeguards EVERYWHERE!

Bonus: There is a bar. Sometimes, you need a cold bear on a hot summer afternoon. And according to my little smarties, there is Koana Shave Ice. Having an “icee” makes the day just a little bit more perfect to them.

Will I go back? YES. I am even going to buy a season pass. If you, too, are thinking of purchasing a Season Pass hurry up – season pass prices go up May 30th!

My next visit, what would I do differently? I would arrive right as the park opened. Spend the first half of the day and the water park and the afternoon at Planet Snoopy. If you have children that are older, this doesn’t apply. I would spend all day at the waterpark.

We had an amazing day! I give Carolina Harbor Waterpark at Carowinds a Smarty Thumbs Up!


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