April 7, 2017

Fitness Friday: Why Flywheel is the PERFECT mom workout

By our Smarty friends at Flywheel Charlotte

Miranda King, one of our rock star FLYmoms, maintains a busy schedule each week. She’s a mom to two beautiful girls, a loving wife, and a full-time marketing analytics manager for a financial services company. For Miranda it’s hard to find the time to maintain a fitness routine and juggle many responsibilities during the week. With her commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle and motivation to challenge herself, she’s found her passion at Flywheel with high-intensity workouts that will continuously encourage her to push past her limits and Never Coast!Miranda King_jpg

Meet Miranda, one of our rock star FLYmoms!

I’m a 38-year-old mom of two girls. It’s really like having two “only” children; one is 17 and the other is 3. I’m a manager of marketing analytics for a financial services company. Originally from Florida, we have been in Charlotte for five years and have fallen in love with the seasons, culture and food!!! Hence the need for Flywheel.

What first brought you to Flywheel?

One of my friends brought me to Shane’s Thursday night Fly Beats class. She knew I was trying to get into a workout routine and hadn’t found the right place yet so she introduced me to Flywheel.

How does Flywheel make you feel?

Flywheel makes me feel strong and capable! It helps me leave behind my day and focus on myself for 45 minutes. They’ve worked so hard to make the vibe in the stadium warm and welcoming for all ages, shapes and sizes. Nothing but love!

What brings you joy?

Pinot Noir, working out with my 17 year old daughter (it’s the only way I can get her to spend time with me tbh), brunch at Leroy Fox or Reid’s with my husband on Sunday’s, spending time outdoors chasing my wild 3 year old

How are you able to maintain juggling the responsibilities of a full time job, being an awesome wife and mother and still maintain your Flywheel routine?

I have an awesome tribe of people supporting me. I can’t do this alone. If I’m at Flywheel, it’s normally with my husband or a friend. As a family, we take turns working out. I go to Kelsey’s Tuesday night class, and he goes to Zack’s Wednesday night class. My husband is my biggest supporter and an equal partner and parent. We always hit up Robert’s Sunday 12:30 and then have brunch. It’s our standing weekly date. My friends and co-workers are frequent flyers as well. It’s great to take a class and then grab a glass of wine or dinner afterwards. You would be surprised how many restaurants in the South Park area do not turn away sweaty diners.

What is your favorite on-the-go snack and why?

Boar’s Head Turkey Pepperoni because they are freaking delicious! Also quick source for protein.

What does living a healthy lifestyle mean to you? And how do you want to incorporate that into your life at home with your family?

Living a healthy lifestyle to me means balance and occasionally treating myself. We schedule our workouts every Sunday and stick to them. I stay pretty true to my meal plan during the week so I can splurge on the weekends. It’s not realistic to think you’ll never have a donut in a Monday morning meeting. I want to model healthy eating and being active for my daughters. My 3 year old knows her Dad’s mason jar salads get Balsamic dressing because she makes them every Sunday. It’s actually a great family activity to spend a few hours cooking and preparing for our busy weeks.

Flywheel Charlotte just announced their upcoming Summer Challenge, the FLY 4-Week Challenge. Why do you make time in your schedule for these types of challenges?

I think the upcoming summer challenge is a great way to keep in line with your goals. I’ve noticed with myself that it’s easy to lose momentum after the “New Year New You” feeling from January wears off. These challenges throughout the year keep me motivated and recommit to my personal fitness goals. Plus, I’m always up for a competition. I love to see how far I can push myself!

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