April 14, 2017

Fitness Friday: Carolina Barre & Core ~ My Story

By: Sue Ann Weddington

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Barre.  Barre?  Barre!   It’s everywhere it seems.  I have been curious and interested in trying a class however I just couldn’t see myself walking into a barre studio alone.  Also, there’s the intimidation factor…I envisioned a room full of graceful ballerinas.

Last summer, my friend Lauren became certified as an instructor at Carolina Barre & Core and encouraged me to come take her class.  This was a sign, right?  I had to support my friend, right?  Still, I was hesitant (me and all of the graceful ballerinas).  And, I was nervous  (me walking into a studio alone).   I pushed myself to get over it and give it a try.  W-O-W.  I am so glad I did!

I have tried many different workout routines over the years.  There wasn’t a “fitness flavor” that kept me engaged and committed for a long period of time. This all changed with Carolina Barre & Core.

The classes are very challenging and yet somehow they make it fun.  The best aspect is the encouragement from the instructors. They are skilled at teaching how to modify based on where YOU are.  They challenge and push you to YOUR next level.   Class participants come in all shapes and sizes; there are many different levels of physicality, flexibility and strength.   They encourage “progress not perfection” so you are not comparing yourself to others and are only focused on your progress compared to where you were the week or month before.

View More: http://coreyannaphotography.pass.us/weddingtonfall2016I go to CBC 3-4 times a week, usually 3 during the week at 5:30am and once on the weekend.  Yes, it is that motivating that I get up that early to workout!  I have lost about 5-7lbs and about an inch in my waist. I have more muscle definition in my arms and legs. My clothes fit better.

I have become stronger in so many ways – mind and body. I have more energy and love seeing the physical results. I have met some great people and always look forward to my next class, even at 5:30am!

I have found a true “home” at CBC. This is a place of no judgement and endless encouragement. The team is amazing! They always motivate me to do my best.  Becoming a part of the CBC community is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

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