January 13, 2017

Fitness Friday: January Blues

januaryThe first step is the hardest. Right? Always. We were in our house for over 6 years before we actually did any of the major remodeling projects on our very long list. In year 2, we had actual plans drawn for a kitchen remodel and we interviewed many firms to do the design/build. But…we just couldn’t pull the trigger for over 4 years! We were stuck. Once we actually took the first step and completed the kitchen, it was on. We completed every remodel project on that list, one by one.

Fitness and getting into shape is the same in my mind. It’s the first step that’s the hardest… showing up that first time.

Get out of your own way. You are the only person in your way.  Being healthy is hard and not liking what you see in the mirror is hard, so PICK YOUR HARD.

Our friends at Carolina Barre & Core have a swingin’ special deal for you. It’s called the Introductory Special. If you need to dip your toe into the water because you are afraid of commitment, then you gotta check this out.

Introductory Special – here’s how it goes:
For $50, you get 2 weeks (that’s 14 days!) of unlimited classes. You could technically come everyday and that is $3.57 a class, people.  Commit to coming 5 times in that 14 day period AND you get a $50 discount off of any package you buy!

Spending money on fitness is an investment in Y-O-U. Try CBC– we know you will LOVE it!

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