October 14, 2016

Fitness Friday: Carolina Barre & Core ~ Spotlight on Nance Levin

nance-e1455810583490-189x180Nance (pronounced NanCEY) has been making us sweat and sculpting our muscles since Carolina Barre & Core opened its doors.

Originally from Baltimore, this UNC-Chapel Hill grad teaches both the traditional barre class known as “barre fusion” and the heart-pumping, sweat-inducing half cardio/half barre class “30/30”. Nance brings lots of sass to every class she teaches.

Even though you are in a class with others, it feels like Nance is like your own personal coach who is 100% focused on making your butt tight, your stomach flat AND your thighs/arms jiggle-free. She knows exactly what most of us want in our end game (tight butt, flat stomach, jiggle-free thighs/arms) and she serves up a combination of moves that gets you there, period.

CBC BicepsIn 30/30, the first 30 minutes is cardio, using bodyweight and free weights, with each “section” interspersed with “runs” in the form of mountain climbers. You start with 3 sets of 3 mountain climbers and your work up to 11 sets of 11 (or 12 sets of 12 if Nance is in a super good mood!) This part of the class is a high intensity, full body workout that combines interval training with strength building to get your heart rate UP.

CBC Barre WorkThe second 30 minutes hones in on thighs/glutes/abs. You do 2 thigh exercises at the barre (instead of the 4 in the barre fusion class), 1 set of glute exercises and you finish up with an “ab-intensive” (you are doing ab work the entire class if you’re doing the class correctly however the last part is 100% abs).

I ADORE her and I know that she is going to work me out from top to bottom. She is a legend with a cadre of devotees, who are “boss” themselves, and can always be found in her class.

Take it from her squad – here’s what they had to say about Nance:

“Since day one (1.5 years ago when I blindly walked into a 30/30 class), Nance has been so motivating, encouraging and extremely inspirational!  Whether it’s her barre or 30/30 class, I can always count on a challenging, awesome workout with humor that is on point!” Lisa Castleman

“Nance is an inspiration! She peppers her classes with humor that gets us laughing in the midst of an intense workout. She’s part of what makes CBC so special: results without judgment!  Outside of class, I hear Nance’s voice saying: ‘abs in tight – all day and night!’.  And, I pull in my abs! Recently, my husband started taking Nance’s 30/30 class and he says there is no better workout; he’s hooked, too!” Cortney Nauck

“Nance motivates me to give 100% in each class because she leads by example. Plus, she’ll make me laugh while my abs are killing me in the middle of her workout. Her ‘tough love’ approach works!” Tisha Bass

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