September 1, 2015

Join the September Challenge at Carolina Barre & Core


Summer is over and we are back into the grind. Does it look something like this at your house? Screaming ‘get outta bed’, packing lunches, crying over homework, screaming ‘go to bed’ and starting/ending the day with yelling, which we lovingly refer to as ABY=always be yellin’.

Well, our friends at Carolina Barre & Core challenge you to take 12 classes in September so you can better tolerate this nonsense. There will be lots of prizes and surprises throughout the month so be sure to follow CBC on social media for updates. They will also be doing special social media giveaways throughout the month. Take photos of you at the barre, check-in or just give us a progress update on your 12 class in 30 days using #CBCinSept to be entered to win!  Track your progress in the studio with the sign-up board in the back of the studio and check off your classes.

Lord have mercy, we can come up with some excuses not to exercise. Ummm…I can’t exercise because…
I need to organize my sock drawer…again.
I need to surf the interwebs to buy clothes I don’t need.
I need to pin these workouts I won’t ever do.
I need to pop-in to Home Goods/Target/World Market to buy stuff my house doesn’t need.

Carolina Barre & Core has a class time for every schedule so go ahead, we dare you to say “I don’t have time”.
>5:30AM – If you are a rooster, then get on up and get moving. You can be home before your husband goes to work (and in time to help with kiddos because he’s helpless) or if you’re a working gal, you’ll be home in time to get yourself ready to bring home the bacon.
>6:45AM – If you’d rather die than get up when it starts with a 4 or 5, then try 6:45AM. Tell yourself you can wake up and workout twice a week at this time (you know you can).
>8:30AM – Kids have an early school start? Come workout right after! Go straight from carpool. Sure, you might sit in the parking lot for 30 minutes but everyone needs to catch up on the “news” on your People mag app or E! online.
>9:45AM, 11AM, 12PM – Still in pre-school jail or have a late school start? Plenty of times available! Do it.
>11AM or 12PM – Working gal? Go during the day. I know this is hard to wrap your head around because perhaps when you’re at work, you’re in the “at work” mode and working out is just not a part of the brain pattern. Just try it once. Yes, you might get sweaty but hey, at least you exercised, and that’s what laundry and showers are for!
>4:30PM, 5:45PM, 7PM – Okay, I get it. You can’t get it done in the time slots above. Well, there’s a class for that excuse!

There are also many class times on Saturday and Sunday.  No excuses. You can do this.  Ever wanted to try a different class type?  On Saturdays at 10:30AM, CBC offers “wild card” so shake it up and try something new.

You can find Carolina Barre & Core at:

Carolina Barre & Core

Carolina Barre & Core
2901 Selwyn Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28209
Phone: 980.207.1046
Twitter: @CarolinaBarre1


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