December 16, 2014

Smarty tips for showcasing kids’ handmade ornaments

oie_3PQxx3G6smZmIs your house covered up with paper drawings, art projects from school, and reams of random artwork – courtesy of the little artists that live with you?  

Art teachers must really love this time of year as there are so many different types of ornaments that can be made by little hands.  Starting in preschool, my kids’ art teachers introduced them to the ornament making trade and they have been perfecting their craft ever since. 

Alas, what to do with all of these freakin’ ornaments?  (some of them don’t necessarily qualify as an “ornament” however we have very low standards)

Here’s what we did. 

Several years ago, we bought a ridiculously cheap fake tree at Garden Ridge that was pre-lit with MULTI-COLORED LIGHTS!  I know, right?  I said MULTI-COLORED LIGHTS!  (family room tree is strictly white lights)

We put that tree in our upstairs bonus room and we decorate it with the handmade ornament collection that we have amassed over the last 12 years.  We love unpacking the boxes that contain the handmade ornaments and taking a walk down memory lane.  Our kids like having their own tree with different color lights and I don’t really care how close together the ornaments or hung or if it looks junky – it’s supposed to! 

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