August 19, 2011

500 Penny Challenge

What can you do with 500 pennies? Change a life, or two!

Recently we introduced you to Trish Rohr and the amazing philanthropy she started called The Rohr Family Foundation. This fantastic organization has a single goal: to provide children battling cancer with the latest technology so they
will be able to enhance and supplement their education during the hours they are away from school, and undergoing treatment. The Foundation calls these pint-sized patients, Rock Stars. How inspirational and cool? Rock on!

The Rohr Family Foundation has encouraged, empowered, and enriched our community far beyond the tiny patients they serve! This summer two kindergarteners (Riley and Sully) raised $500 just by hosting a lemonade stand. A close friend of the Rohr family used these two tykes as her inspiration to create the “500 Penny Challenge”. Just seeing the impact the coins from a lemonade stand produced, she starting to think about what could happen if pennies were collected. Genius, right?

The Rohr Family Foundation is asking Charlotte families to donate their own 500 pennies. Imagine what creative ways your family can drum up these coins!? Go for a family scavenger hunt and start your jar today!

We all have pennies. Some hanging out at the bottom of our purse. Some stuck under the sofa cushion. Others comfortably sitting at the bottom of your kids piggy bank. These pennies can have a purpose. Take the “500 Penny

The next time your tot wants to toss a penny into a fountain, think twice. That shiny coin really does have the power to make “wishes” come true . . .

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