July 15, 2011

Are you a Rock Star?

Some families have a spark, an inner beat that just hums throughout their household. Some families make you want to live life louder. These families are rockstars . . .
I had no idea until recently I lived near a family of rockstars. This spring I noticed funky green signs popping-up all over my neighborhood. The signs were printed with the words ‘Rohr’s Rockstars’. At first I thought the ‘Rockstars’ were a hit teen band that I’d missed because I’m lame. However, it didn’t take me long to piece together the true meaning of these signs and the family of rockstars behind them.

The signs represent The Rohr Family Foundation, an organization supporting the educational needs of children with cancer. The Rohr Foundation calls the pint-sized patients they serve, ‘Rockstars’. The Foundation was created by the Rohr family after receiving devastating medical news. In October 2010, life handed this precious family a serious challenge. Eric Rohr (the family’s strong and joyful father) was diagnosed with brain cancer. The family was shocked, scared, and overwhelmed. So, how did they react? Like any group of rockstar’s would, by getting tough and fighting back. Eric underwent treatment and kept a faithful spirit.

Meanwhile, his family decided the best way to heal, was to give back. They created The Rohr Family Foundation and started sharing their passion for life and learning with children undergoing treatment for cancer. The Rohr’s recognized that even the youngest cancer patient faces educational hurdles, both during and after treatment. They believe technology could be an amazing resource that can bridge the gap when children are away from a traditional school setting for an extended amount of time.

Currently, The Rohr Foundation is serving three families by providing them with the latest technology so these courageous ‘Rockstars’ will to able to enhance and supplement their education. The Foundation also helps provide a team of educational professionals who work closely with these special patients, their teachers, parents, tutors and other support service’s to develop a long-term plan supporting their individual needs.

This summer, Eric completed his seventh round of chemotherapy and I’m thrilled to announce he is going strong! Our community and neighborhood has responded like any “groupies” would, with incapacitating admiration. Just a few weeks ago, children from our neighborhood held a week long lemonade stand to support The Rohr Family Foundation. These fabulous children sat outside for an entire week selling lemonade in the blistering heat and donated every cent to The Rohr Family Foundation. What an amazing legacy the Rohr family has created!

I’d like to believe if I was handed the medical news the Rohr family was, I too would respond like a rockstar. I’m not sure I would . . . or could. It takes a special soul and a true believer to help others in their personal time of need. It takes the qualities and characteristics of a rockstar . . .

To find more information about The Rohr Family Foundation or to donate, please visit their website.


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  1. CSP Team Jen Plym says:

    Rock on, Rohrs! Incredible story, thank you SOOO much for sharing with us today:-)

  2. Stephanie B says:

    You knocked it out of the park, Krista (of course)…I love your take on the family of Rockstars! Go ROHR ROCKSTARS! You’re in inspiration. xo

  3. Lisa Kuszmar Lisa says:

    I am always so impressed by families that handle adverisity with such grace and compassion. Great story!

  4. Margie Mullis says:

    The Rohr Family is a beautiful example of how to live with faith and love. May our Father keep them strong, joyful, and focused on living life to the full!

  5. Amazing! We can all be rockstars too. Check out http://rohrrockstars.blogspot.com for ways to help!

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