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February 6, 2018

Smarty Giveaway: Two tickets to Joined in Education’s ‘Teach Your Children Well’ Symposium

Joined in Education is hosting its next parenting symposium on February 13 & 14, and we’ve got two tickets up for grabs for the keynote address, which will be delivered by Madeline Levine Ph. D., author of New York Times bestsellers Teach Your Children Well and The Price of Privilege.

This event will be relevant to parents of toddlers as well as teens. JIE’s goal is to help parents ensure that the next generation can problem solve, think critically and are productive, kind citizens of the world. JIE_2018_10x7Ad_r2a print version

Here’s what the JIE says about the keynote speaker:

Levine brings together cutting-edge research and thirty years of clinical experience to explode the myth that good grades, high test scores and college acceptances should define the parenting endgame. Parents and educators are all too familiar with the escalating rates of anxiety among today’s children. Levine shifts our focus from the excesses of hyper parenting and the unhealthy reliance on our children for status and how to provide a meaningful parenting style that focuses both on academic success and developing a sense of purpose, well-being and connection. Read More →

February 5, 2018

Smarty Save the Date: Carolina Flipz’s Kids Night Out THIS Saturday

Carolina Flipz Campers

Mark your calendars and make your dinner reservations now: Carolina Flipz is hosting its epic Kids Night Out this Saturday, February 10. That’s right. Parents can drop the kids off at the Carolina Flipz gym (right behind Carolina Place mall) and DO AS THEY PLEASE for four hours.

Carolina Flipz provides the entertainment (hello, Open Gym time!), a craft, bouncehouse, pizza, fruit, drinks, and dessert. Parents, all you need to do is provide energetic kids ready to have a good time.

The hours are 5-9 PM. Cost is $25 for Carolina Flipz members and $35 for nonmembers (but, really, isn’t four hours on a Saturday night priceless?).

Call the gym at 704.544.4511 to make your reservations and have an AWESOME Saturday night! Read More →

January 30, 2018

Smarty Eats: SouthBound

Photo Credit: Instagram @eatsouthbound

Photo Credit: Instagram @eatsouthbound

There’s a NEW and deliciously fresh South of the Border restaurant in town, SouthBound. Located right next to Mac’s Speed Shop on South Blvd, SouthBound is an absolute GEM for those looking for high-quality, authentic Mexican with a really cool Southern California vibe.

I heard about this place from a friend who had just gone to dinner with her husband and another couple. She was raving about the food, decor, and ambience, so when Smarty Jen and I were wrapping up a meeting Uptown and searching for somewhere to eat lunch, SouthBound was my first thought.

Right when we pulled up, we knew this was going to be THE destination this spring in the QC (I’d stand in line overnight for a Cinco de Mayo spot on the patio). There’s a HUGE outdoor area with cute dangling street lights, picnic tables, TVs, and an outdoor bar. Jen and I were there the day before #snomg2018, so we were dreaming of warm, sunny Carolina afternoons as we stepped inside and out of the cold (we will definitely be back for a Corona on the patio – off the clock, of course). Read More →

January 27, 2018

Smarty Mom & Newest Member of Team CSP: Carroll Rogers Walton

Smarties, we are absolutely THRILLED to welcome Carroll Rogers Walton to the Smarty team. Carroll is a mom to three adorable boys, an almost two-year-old and newborn twins (ummmm, yea, she’s got a little goin’ on ;-)). Carroll is a former sportswriter, which makes her not only the best “boy mom” in all the land, but totally qualified to be a stellar addition to our pink-n-green tribe.

Carroll is the real deal – she’s genuine, funny, articulate, and has some amazing stories. Get to know her better right now and be on the lookout for her unique outlook on #momlife in the future!

Here’s Carroll!

Smarty Mom: Carroll Rogers Walton

Smarty Mom: Carroll Rogers Walton
Married to: Gus Walton
Children: Son Wade (turns 2 in February), twin sons Johnny and Wes (3 mos.)
Hometown: Charlotte
Alma Mater: Duke University
Occupation: freelance writer

Tell us a little bit about your background in journalism.

I was a sportswriter for 22 years – five at the Macon (Ga) Telegraph and 17 at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I started out covering high school sports, then Georgia Tech football and basketball, then the Atlanta Braves, a progression I made at both newspapers. About the time I was ready to move back to Charlotte and get married, I was working on a book called “Ballplayer” with Chipper Jones, the former Braves third baseman, and that has allowed me the flexibility to stay home with my boys for a while.CSPbox1

What was it like being one of the only women in the “man’s world” of professional sports?

Most of the time I liked it. I grew up with three brothers, playing outside with the boys in the neighborhood, and loving sports, so in a lot of ways it was natural to me. There were some instances, especially in the mid-90s, where being in a locker room was an uncomfortable place to be, but I had it so much easier than the female baseball writers who came before me. Luckily for me, the Braves were a class organization and made sure their players were respectful of women. If they weren’t, they generally didn’t stick around long. I can count on three fingers the number of times I felt singled out and wanted to run screaming. (Thankfully I held it together!) I liked being different from other baseball writers, and I didn’t mind having to work a little harder to earn players’ respect. I approached the clubhouse like the seventh grade: get in good with the cool guys and you’ll be all right. Luckily for me, the Braves’ cool guys – Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and Chipper Jones – also happened to be nice guys. Once I felt like they had my back, I knew I was all right. Read More →

January 23, 2018

Smarty Reminder: Register now for Girls on the Run Charlotte’s Spring Session

Don’t forget to register your daughter for Girls on the Run Charlotte’s Spring 2018 program registration for 3rd-5th grade and Heart & Sole (6th-8th grade). The 10-week program season begins the week of February 12th.Spring 2018 Program Registration Dates

Learn more about the Girls on the Run and Hearth & Sole programs and view a list of spring program sites and practice schedules by clicking here.

Happy running!

January 21, 2018

Carolina Flipz hosts Women’s Self Defense Clinic this week

Mark your calendars and reserve your spot at Carolina Flipz’s Self Defense Clinic for Women this Saturday, January 27 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM at the Carolina Flipz gym right behind Carolina Place mall. Carolina Flipz Martial Arts

This 2-hour seminar and class is for women ages 14 and up. Topics covered include:
– Preventing attacks
– Awareness of surroundings
– Fighting back
– Surviving attacks
– And more

The class will be led by Carolina Flipz’s Martial Arts sensei Tara Frazier. This is a GREAT opportunity to educate yourself and your teens! Click here to learn more about Carolina Flipz’s Martial Arts program. Read More →

January 11, 2018

Smarty Review and Giveaway: ‘The Queen of Hearts’

** This giveaway is closed! Winner is Sara Mayse**

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for MONTHS! Our very own Kimmery Martin is releasing her debut novel, The Queen of Hearts, and I am one of the lucky ones to have received an advanced copy with a chance to review the book. And, of course, most of our Smarty reviews include a giveaway, and this one is no different. One lucky Smarty will win her very own copy of “The Queen of Hearts” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to find out more. Queen of Hearts cover jpg

Kimmery’s name might sound familiar to you because she’s been our Smarty Book Review blogger for the last couple of years. She writes, hands-down, the best book reviews (which makes this post a little nerve wracking – my apologies in advance, Kimmery :-)!), and we’ve been so lucky to have her as a CSP contributor. She’s about to hit the big time with this impressive debut from Penguin Random House. Before I get into the nitty gritty, here are two reasons why I fell in love with this book right out of the gate:

1. I know the author. There is nothing more amazing than reading a book when you know the person behind the words. Kimmery is one of us (well, a super brilliant one-of-us) – she’s a mom-of-three, a physician, a wife, friend, daughter, sister – which makes the fact that she’s written such a superb book even cooler.

2. The book is set in two of my favorite cities: Charlotte and Louisville, KY. Charlotte is my hometown and obviously my favorite city on the planet. My sister lives in Louisville, and I’ve come to love that city like a second home. Knowing both cities so well made the book almost like reality TV – but better – and made each city like another character in the book.

So, that being said, “Queen of Hearts” is a smart, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking page-turner of two best friends and doctors, cardiologist Zadie and trauma surgeon Emma. The two met in summer camp and survived med school together in Louisville, and are now settled in as moms, wives, and doctors in Charlotte. When chief resident, Nick Xenokostas (“Dr. X.”), Zadie’s med school bad-boy boyfriend, shows up in Charlotte right as some professional crises shock both women, Zadie and Emma are forced to revisit their past and take a hard look at their current friendship. There are twists, turns, lies, betrayals, revelations, humor, and a li’l bit of sex mixed in with just the right amount of mommyhood. Read More →

January 6, 2018

Smarty Mom: Lisa Weaver

image (3)

I am SO excited and proud to introduce you to this week’s beautiful Smarty Mom, Lisa Weaver. Lisa and I met several years ago at Pure Barre Ballantyne. I totally remember when she started (I moonlight as a teacher at Pure Barre), and from Day 1, she has worked her absolute hardest every single class. I mean every single class! As a teacher, it is so incredibly gratifying to watch someone push her limits everyday, and as a fellow barre devotee, I am always inspired and challenged when Lisa is next to me at the barre or on the mat. It’s such fun to see her walk through the door, always smiling and usually in a cute glittery headband, ready to work her seat off for 50 minutes.

Lisa has a HUGE heart, especially when it comes to helping others. I’ll let her tell you a little bit about everything she’s involved in, but you’ll quickly see that it’s people like Lisa who make our amazing city what it is. She’s strong, smart, sparkly, and kind – just one of those people you want to be friends with. AND, she’s this week’s Smarty Mama! Meet Lisa Weaver!

Smarty Mom: Lisa Weaver

Married to: Scott, who I started dating my sophomore year of college. We have been married for 22 years this past November.
Children: Samantha age 14 and Ava age 10.
Years in Charlotte: Since the Summer of 1995, 22.5 years.
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Area of Charlotte you call home: Marvin, NC
Alma Mater: Binghamton University in NY.
Occupation: Full Time Mom since I was pregnant with my first It took way longer than I could have expected!! Prior to that I worked in Finance at Bank of America and PWC.

One of the things I love most about you is how passionate and community-focused you are. Tell us about some of your favorite charities.

My favorites are JDRF, Komen, Make a Wish, Community Blood Center of the Carolinas and Ronald McDonald House. But the one that is my absolute favorite and has inspired me and captured my heart forever is The Isabella Santos Foundation.

You do a lot of work with the Isabella Santos Foundation (ISF). How did you get involved with ISF?

My daughter Ava endured many medical issues and complications at birth and in her first year that resulted in her spending several months at the hospital. It was traumatic, exhausting and a strain on our family. image (1)

I first heard about Isabella’s battle against Neuroblastoma when Ava later attended the same preschool as Isabella. The Santos family later moved into our neighborhood and Isabella began Kindergarten at our elementary school. Knowing that Isabella and her family battled that horrific disease for 5 years and at the same time established the Foundation to raise awareness and research funds for Neuroblastoma in hopes that it could help to potentially save Isabella’s life or other children facing a similar diagnosis, I was blown away. The Santos Family experienced the unimaginable loss of their beautiful daughter at the age of 7 after 5 long years – yet they continue to fight in her honor in the hope that another child can be saved. The Foundation works tirelessly in the fight and continues to raise money and awareness for the awful disease that stole Isabella’s life. From the first event I attended and the first interactions I had with this Foundation, I was awe inspired. Each and every time since, I am blown away by what they are able to accomplish and how rewarding it truly is to be even a small part of. Read More →

January 2, 2018

Smarty Steal: Take 15% off your first order at The Good Kitchen

Happy New Year’s, Smarties! With resolutions in full swing, we’ve got a super fun Smarty Steal for you today from the awesome folks at The Good Kitchen (TGK) that will for SURE help you stay in check with any health/cooking goals you’ve set for 2018. Smarties can take 15% off their first order at TGK by using the code Smarty18 at checkout. That’s all you need! IMZ_8866-1-300x200

In case you haven’t heard of TGK, let me give you a quick run down (also, be sure to check out Smarty Jen V.’s and my review of it here and our Smarty Mom feature on TGK’s founders Amber Lewis and Melissa Hayes here):

TGK is a fresh, fully-prepared meal delivery service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ready in just 3 minutes. TGK offers meals comprised of gluten-free ingredients for busy lifestyles. Their meals are made from grass-fed and pastured proteins, organic and non-GMO produce, and contain no soy, antibiotics, additional sugars or hormones. Their chef-driven menu provides seasonal variety on a weekly basis. Orders are placed online and delivered right to your home. These meals are SO GOOD. It’s as amazing as it sounds. Read More →

December 26, 2017

Smarty Fitness Interview & Giveaway: CycleBar Midtown and CycleBar Waverly


We are SO excited about the start of 2018, Smarties! Over the next couple of weeks we’re bringing you interviews with some of our favorite fitness places in town AND with those interviews, we’re including some FIT-ULOUS giveaways just in time for those New Year’s resolutions.

First up is one of our faves, Lauren (Lolo) Wilson, CycleStar extraordinaire at CycleBar Waverly and CycleBar Midtown. She’s dishing on what makes CycleBar the best in town and letting us take a peek at some of her favorite things. If you’ve never taken one of Lolo’s classes, make sure to sign up soon. She’s seriously one of da best! Enjoy getting to know Lolo!

Lolo Wilson, CycleBar Waverly and CycleBar Midtown

Many first-timers are scared of cycle classes. What should a first-time rider expect at CycleBar and what would you tell them to calm any first time nerves?


CycleBar is a premium indoor cycling experience, designed for all ages and fitness levels. We understand being the ‘new kid’ can be intimidating! Whether your new to the cycling world or an experienced veteran, we take great pride in welcoming anyone who steps foot in our studios.

Our rockstar team will help ease any nerves! For first-timers, it helps to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the ride. We are a rhythmic based studio, and CycleStars will guide you through an awesome 45-minute full-body workout. A good rule of thumb is that it takes about 3 rides to get acclimated. Read More →