February 28, 2018

Why I found Wilderness Adventures for my teen

My kids have been going to sleep away camp since they were six years old. They have adventure running through their blood. Last summer, my oldest, now a junior in high school, officially outgrew camp because she decided not to pursue the camp counselor program. Together, we have been looking for a summer opportunity that will continue her love of the outdoors while at the same time build her confidence through leadership. When we discovered Wilderness Adventures, we knew this was going to be the perfect fit.

Wilderness Adventures Camp

The Philosophy behind the Wilderness Adventures program is what struck me most…

“We know that a small group experience in the wilderness serves as a valuable catalyst to enable our students to become more responsible, tolerant, and self-confident while developing a powerful, all-inclusive community. We also know that through an intimate outdoor experience, our students learn to become peer leaders, acquire a responsible appreciation for the natural wonders of our planet, and develop a newfound environmental ethic to carry with them throughout their lives.”

The leadership and confidence components are most important in my mind. In today’s digitally-charged world, teens can lose self-confidence due to the perfect world they see all around them in social media. As a result, now more than ever, the importance of truly unplugging and rebooting is critical for teenagers. The Wilderness Adventures program offers the most amazing programs for teens as they adventure across the world, 100% unplugged and one with nature. From Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, to Alaska, Australia and even Kilimanjaro and beyond, Wilderness Adventures has so many programs that will be life-changing for your teens.

Through the Wilderness Adventure programs, teens will gain self-confidence and grow to be leaders while they explore different parts of the world. They will live off the land by carrying everything they need on their backs, forcing them to learn more about themselves and their environment via their experiences. The program gives teens an opportunity to gain new skills that they’d never learn at home – get certified in SCUBA, learn to kayak and flyfish, learn to cook meals in the wilderness, the list goes on. They will gain confidence through their small travel group that will ultimately become their extended family and will build friendships of a lifetime.

Another important focus on Wilderness Adventures is service. By fully immersing teens in the community they are exploring, they will get involved locally with community service and will learn about the history and ecology of the land. Teens can use this program as their service hours for the year, but it goes beyond the required minimum of hours. Hopefully teens will grow a bigger heart based on the experiences they share.

By checking out for a few weeks and immersing themselves in Wilderness Adventures’ programs, I truly believe this will be life-changing for my teen – something she will remember for the rest of her life and will be a better person because of this experience. This is our daughter’s last summer before the college application process. We want to give her a taste of what’s out there in the world and have a clear head when she goes into senior year. This song by Jessica Allossery captures exactly how I feel – my little girl, this is your world. Now go explore. Thank you, Wilderness Adventures, for doing what you do!

More on Wilderness Adventures:

You can choose from 45 programs for the perfect experience in outdoor adventuring all over the world. We are choosing the Hawaiian Islands Trip. My teen wants to get SCUBA certified and really, they had her at snorkeling with sea turtles and manta rays!

I’m super excited that we will be sharing the entire Wilderness Adventures program throughout the course of the summer! We will be sharing the insight of their leaders and go behind the scenes of their amazing program. Join us and do something big this summer. And guess what?! We have an exclusive discount code just for CSP readers – Get $200 off any trip by using code “WA_CSP” at registration. Go WILD with Wilderness Adventures!

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Here’s a preview of how AWESOME Wilderness Adventures is!

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