November 21, 2017

Smarty Holiday Gift Guide: Ages 6-10


The 2017 Smarty Holiday Toy Gift Guide is sponsored by our favorite local toy store, Toys & Co in Cotswold. Find everything on your child’s wish list and then some at Toys & Co! And guess what? They will wrap every gift BEAUTIFULLY and oh-so-expertly – so you don’t have to pull an all-nighter on Christmas Eve! Check out Toys & Co’s 2017 100 Best Toys List as well as their lists for Ages 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 – you’ll have everyone covered on your list!


Playmobil or Legos:
Playmobil or Legos are the PERFECT gift for this age. Endless hours of playing – no batteries needed!



Hatchimals Glittering Garden
Hatchimals live inside of eggs. Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Hold them to hear their heartbeats, flip them for fun, tap and they’ll tap back! Hatchimals can’t hatch without you!


Discover 7 layers of surprise in each L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Series ball! L.O.L Surprise Glitter Series includes Series 1 Dolls encrusted in glitter from head to toe!


Fizzy Paint:

This innovative fizzy paint kit allows children to learn the basics of color and color mixing, while incorporating a fantastic amount of fizzy fun! Watch as kids develop a passion for art through experimenting, discovery and play. Add water to watch your fizzy paint bubble, then use your brush to create beautiful watercolors.

Snuggie Tails
Your little ones will surely love these precious Snuggie Tails. They have 6 different adorable designs and made of super soft material. Perfect for all ages and up to 5 feet tall. Snuggly is truly more fun with a Snuggie Tail!

Games are always a big hit with this crowd. Here are some of our favorites!
Panthers Checkers

Apples to Apples
Family Feud
Carolina Panthers Checkers
Game of the States

Xtreme Bots:


This Smart Action Robot Toy has many amazing features that any kid will absolutely love. Use the remote control to utilize 50 programmable actions from your smart bot. This robot will do everything from dancing to a plethora of different motions. However, the remote is not the only way to activate this robot. Infra-red transmitters activate so that you can use hand gestures to control your robot and the hi-tech bot can understand you! This 10″ tall robot can make different facial expressions and also makes different sounds to make for a more realistic and interactive play time experience.

LEGO Make Your Own Movie:


LEGO Make Your Own Movie is a beginner guide to stop-motion animation. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to make short, funny clips with these instructions, background settings and 36 LEGO elements. Then, dive into more advanced skills, such as lighting, sound effects, and camera angles.

American Girl Dolls and Accessories – The American Girl dolls will be the gift of choice for all girls age 8+. Choose from the Beforever line. Each character features a story series that explores her era so your girl can discover how all girls share the same hopes and dreams. You should also consider the Girl of the Year, Gabriela, and all of her accessories or a Truly Me Doll, custom made just for you.

Hearts for Hearts Dolls (available at Toys & Co):


What if you could change the world just by buying a doll? You can, with Hearts For Hearts Girls®! When you buy a doll, a portion of the purchase price is donated to children’s causes in underserved countries. Changing the world one heart at a time…Every Hearts for Hearts Girls doll represents a real girl from a real place around the world. Each has her own story to tell and ideas about how to make life better for her family, community, country, and the world around her.

Blankie Tails (Available at Toys & Co):


The mermaid tail blanket for kids by Blankie Tails is made with premium-quality, extra-plush, double-sided minky fabric that looks and feels MER-mazing – and this ombre design is sure to be a hit!

Nerf guns81qLmLkNv3L._SX522_ Nerf Guns make great gifts for the boys – and, if the kids collect a bunch, you can shoo them outside for a Nerf war (love our mild Christmas climate!). Don’t forget a Nerf Tactical Vest, too!

Take the activity up a notch with Carpet Slides. Perfect for a cold, rainy winter day.


Speaking of activity, ziplines are all the rage these days. Surprise the entire family with a backyard adventure!

For your crafty ones. Plushcraft makes some cute pillows you create. Whether you’re into puppies, cupcakes, rainbows, or you want a personalized pillow, Plushcraft has it all. Easy & fun to make and super cute to display on your bed after.

The older kiddos love their water bottles and you can customize your own. HydroFlask lets you create your own. 11 sizes, 2 lid types, 4 parts, & 11 colors. How fun! You can easily add a monogram to this too. Providence Gift Co can create beautiful and fun monograms for everyone in your family.


For all of your gift needs, head over to Toys & Co!

You can find Toys & Co at:

Cotswold Village Shops
Charlotte, NC – 704-365-7980
Mon-Sat 9a-9p, Sun 12p-6p

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