October 2, 2017

The 2017 Smarty Awards – Vote Now!

They’re back and better than ever! For TEN years Charlotte parents have given their biggest shout-outs to local businesses and professionals through the CSP Smarty Awards. We absolutely LOVE this pink ‘n green award because we {heart} anything local and we love recognizing how awesome our city is. This year is no exception! We want Y-O-U, Smarty Charlotte, to vote for your QC favorites.CSP-204.SmartyAwards2017

We will accept nominations now through 10 PM on October 16. We’ll tally all entries (one per Smarty email address, please) and announce the winners on Tuesday, October 24th. Vote here now!

Presenting the 2017 Charlotte Smarty Pants Awards

1) Best maternity boutique
2) Best place to find a baby shower gift
3) Best kid-friendly restaurant
4) Best brunch spot
5) Best gal pals lunch spot
6) Best chicken salad
7) Best pizza
8) Best place to get a healthy juice
9) Best meal service delivery
10) Best date-night spot
11) Best brewery
12) Best wine bar
13) Best QC workout
14) Best children’s boutique
15) Best children’s shoe store
16) Best bakery
17) Best birthday party venue
18) Best local toy store
19) Best pediatrician
20) Best pediatric dentist
21) Best orthodontist
22) Best OB/GYN
23) Best primary care physician
24) Best dermatologist
25) Best salon
26) Best spa
27) Best place to get a kids haircut
28) Best local consignment sale
29) Best preschool
30) Best daycare
31) Best private school
32) Best place to take the kids on a rainy day
33) Best family photographer
34) Best summer day camp
35) Best summer overnight camp
36) Best dance studio
37) Best art class
38) Best drama/theater class
39) Best place to take music
40) Best educational resource
41) Best place to take swimming lessons
42) Best gymnastics facility
43) Best kids sports program
44) Best gift/stationery boutique
45) Best women’s boutique
46) Best organizer
47) Best Smarty Mompreneur

Smarty Tools to Spread the Word

It’s no small feat to get your favorites to win – you’ve got to shout it from the ROOFTOPS (and by “rooftops” we mean ALL social media outlets). Get all of your friends excited and ready to vote. Here’s how:

1. Tell your favorite businesses about the 2017 Smarty Awards so they can send out to their biggest fans to vote and score bragging rights. Encourage them to use this on all forms of social media to get the word out.

2. Use email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it – spread the word! KEEP SHARING! Who says you can only share once? Keep reminding your friends to vote!

You can also link to this page to help expedite the voting process!

Winners will receive a super Smarty 2017 Smarty Awards Winner button to proudly display on their website all year long. Let’s get Smarty and VOTE HERE TODAY!

We look forward to sharing our 2017 Smarty Awards in our newsletter with you on Tuesday, October 24th. Please make sure you are subscribed to the CSP newsletter for all the scoop! Let the Smarty voting begin!

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